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Am I Brushing My Teeth Properly?

Your teeth do so much for you and your body. They chew your food so you can digest it and stay energized, they help maintain your facial structure, and they let you express yourself with a nice big smile. You owe it to your teeth to give them the best care possible. Doing that starts… Read more »

3 Tips To Improve Your Flossing

Flossing, for some reason, is the Rodney Dangerfield of oral health. It gets no respect! Everybody understands the importance of using a toothbrush, but nobody really appreciates how vital flossing is to maintaining your oral health. While your toothbrush does a fine job at cleaning the outside of your teeth, flossing is the only way… Read more »

Things Dental Hygiene Shouldn’t Include

Your dental hygiene should include a few essential things if you want it to work correctly. You are likely already aware of the major players involved in this twice-a-day routine. For instance, you know that without a toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss, you’re not going to be successful. However, did you know that you can… Read more »

3 Things That Can’t Replace Flossing

You might think that you have found the answer that nobody else was clever enough to discover: You assume with some deep thinking that there are several ways to replace flossing, so it no longer needs to be part of your dental hygiene experience! First, we suggest you talk with us about how to make… Read more »

3 Major Topics Of Smile Confusion

Don’t feel bad if you’ve become confused about one or multiple topics associated with your smile health. While dental care generally seems very simple in the beginning (after all, you primarily need to brush, floss, and see us for visits), there are a lot of subtle nuances involved in reaching success. For instance, you may… Read more »

FAQs: Cleaning Your Tongue!

You might be someone who brushes your tongue because … well … you’ve just always done it. Or, you might be someone who doesn’t even realize this is important for your oral health! Then again, you could be a person who knows you should be doing it during your dental hygiene but you keep avoiding… Read more »

Your Toothpaste: Making Impactful Choices

Did you know that when you make good choices for the dental hygiene products you buy, you’re actually positively impacting your oral health? Of course, on the flip side of that sentiment, when you purchase items that don’t promote your healthiest smile, you can actually end up causing some problems. Never thought selecting toothpaste required… Read more »

Is Something Wrong With My Flossing?

Are you curious about your usual flossing? What seems to be bothering you? If you notice that every time you floss, it just doesn’t seem to feel right, it’s certainly time to speak up. Or, if you’re just not sure if you’re flossing the way we would suggest, it’s perfectly fine to admit you need… Read more »

Time For A Water Flosser?

If you like thinking about getting your smile even cleaner than it is after brushing and flossing, you may be considering a water flosser. After all, it’s a gentle yet powerful way to remove plaque that even your toothbrush and dental floss may miss (such as plaque beneath your gumline and around dental work). It’s… Read more »