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Flossing: Things You Can Easily Improve

As you are well aware, your preventive care is of the utmost importance in your daily life. When you’re skipping out on the details, you’re not doing a thorough job. When your job is only partially done, you’re leaving behind plaque and you’re opening the door for serious problems to affect your smile. Why not… Read more »

4th Of July: Important Tips For Your Smile! 

Here comes the 4th of July! It’s a special day celebrating our nation’s independence, so it’s all about a big display! There’s time spent outdoors barbequing and enjoying picnics! There are fireworks! There are patriotic pies and cakes! It’s quite the party, which means it’s sure to be a lot of fun. With that said,… Read more »

How To Establish New, Very Good Smile Care Habits

Since you’re an adult and your habits, whether related to smile care or anything else, have long been formed and are often challenging to change, you may wonder to yourself: How can you establish new ones on behalf of your oral health, when you’re so used to the approach you already take? Fortunately, even though… Read more »

Your Smile: Why You Need Us When Something’s Wrong 

You may get it into your head that when something seems to be wrong with your smile, you should be smart enough and motivated enough to take care of it on your own. However, our Southlake, TX teams reminds you that this isn’t true for so many reasons! The most obvious, of course, is that… Read more »

How To Get Your Smile Back On Track…Now!

Are you feeling like you’ve already crossed that threshold with your smile? You know: The point of no return, at which you assume that since things have already gotten somewhat out of control, it’s too late to turn back, so you may as well just accept your oral health fate and leave it at that?… Read more »

Oral Health: 3 Red Flags To Consider While Chewing

New sensations, changes, weird little issues, and more can happen at any moment. However, when you’re chewing and placing pressure on your teeth, this happens to be an instance in which your mouth is in motion and you’re more likely to pick up on oral health red flags! Should any arise, our Southlake, TX team… Read more »

3 Reasons to Keep Coming Back: Dental Edition

Sometimes you do something once and it’s good for quite a number of years. Buying a car, updating a will, planting a tree. Let us break the news to you that good preventive dental care in Southlake, TX doesn’t work that way. No matter how great the results of your last dental checkup and cleaning,… Read more »

Easy Summer Smile Supporters

Hello sunscreen, bathing suits and bare feet. It is also time for hot weather, travel to exotic (and maybe not-so-exotic) places and  releasing daily school-bound routines. There are some easy summer smile supporters for beautiful smiles in Southlake, TX. For your lips, don’t forget to swipe on a protective layer of lip balm with added… Read more »

Warmer Weather Means: Guzzle That Water!

Are you remembering to increase the amount of water you drink as the temperatures heat up in Southlake, TX? Unless you’re already quite committed to your daily H2O, we remind you that forgetting to compensate for the higher heat and what is likely an increased activity level can mean not only negative things for your… Read more »

Dental Care: Don’t Underestimate The Power Of…

Particularly when you’ve gotten yourself quite settled into a routine with anything, including your dental care, it can be easy to overlook the “wow factor” involved. Sure, you recognize in a cerebral way that smile care helps you maintain your oral health. However, you may be overlooking and underestimating the true power that you have… Read more »