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Tips for Better Dental Hygiene

Good hygiene is the cornerstone of good dental health. For many people, hygiene consists of little more than brushing and flossing their teeth twice a day. However, good hygiene involves more than what you do at the kitchen sink. Your toothbrush and floss can clean your teeth, but only when used properly. With a little… Read more »

General Dentistry for Damaged Teeth

Dental damage, such as cracked and fractured teeth, can pose a significant threat to your entire oral health if not addressed as soon as possible. Because of the intricate nature of your teeth and their inability to heal themselves, repairing them when they’re damaged requires a broad range of dental expertise. As a dedicated Southlake… Read more »

Southlake Dentist Explains Why We Lose “Permanent” Teeth

Typically, humans grow two sets of teeth in their lifetime. Your baby teeth, or primary teeth, are like training wheels that teach us to care for our smiles while maintaining proper space for your adult teeth to grow. Primary teeth are destined to fall out and make room for their adult counterparts. Known as permanent… Read more »

How Your Southlake Dentist Cleans Teeth

Do you sometimes feel as though you clean your teeth well enough at home that skipping a dental appointment now and then can do no harm? The truth is that adhering to a strict routine of dental checkups and cleanings (at least one appointment every six months) is as important to good dental health as… Read more »

What is a Tooth Cavity?

Most people are familiar with cavities. In fact, over 90% of adults in the United States have had at least one in their permanent teeth, and dental caries (the condition that makes cavities possible) affects over half of school-aged children. A cavity describes a hole in a tooth caused by an internal infection, known as… Read more »

Southlake Dentist on the Oral-Systemic Connection

Many people don’t consider oral health a part of their systemic wellbeing. However, numerous studies throughout the advancement of dentistry have shown that a patient’s mouth is not as distinct from his/her physical health as many believe. In fact, a healthy mouth is a vital component of your continued overall wellbeing. As your Southlake dentist… Read more »

The Necessity of Good Dental Hygiene

Have you ever run your tongue over teeth, only to cringe as it came in contact with some sticky, uncomfortable gunk? That gunk is plaque, and as you may know, it’s the everyday target of your teeth brushing and flossing routine. However, removing plaque from your teeth is about much more than just comfort; when… Read more »