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Replacing Your Snacks For Work

You’re about to be late! You’re running out the door, so you toss some food into a bag, and you’re off to work. What is it that you tossed in there? Did you choose things that are beneficial for your oral health? Or, did you just grab the usual stuff that your taste buds go… Read more »

What Do You Have Against Dental Hygiene?

Do you feel like you suddenly have something serious against dental hygiene? At one point in your life, this was just one more part of your day. However, now, something about your home preventive care is making you extremely cranky! Now that we’ve brought it to your attention, of course, you may realize that this… Read more »

Christmas Fun For Your Smile

You’ve probably got a list a mile long of things you need to do. You know that you shouldn’t be eating too much sugar because it can lead to problems with your oral health if you’re not careful. So, why not let loose and let yourself have a little bit of fun (that happens to… Read more »

Winter Lip Tips: Ready Or Not!

Whatever it is you think about your lip health (perhaps that they are simply immune to the extraordinary drying days and nights of winter), you will be sorry if you do not begin preparing now! It is much easier to prevent dry, peeling, cracking, uncomfortable lips than it is to try to save them once… Read more »

December: Write A List For Your Teeth

It’s nearly December! You know what that means. No more joking around about needing to buy and wrap gifts, plan, and get going. The time is now! To make sure your oral health isn’t left behind in the mix, we suggest you jot down a quick list to keep it a major priority! List Item… Read more »

Oral Health: Your November 2017 Check-In

Not sure what to make of a November 2017 check-in for your oral health? Wondering why we would pick this of all months to talk with you? Not certain if you should have already recognized the significance and if this is something special? Not to worry. You’ll quickly remember that the year is approaching its… Read more »