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Quiz: Soda And Its Effects On Your Smile

Nobody wants to admit that the food or drink they love very much might be bad for them! However, as we make our way down the list of common culprits for dental health problems, soda tends to be on the top! Not sure why it’s so bad for you or if, perhaps, the type of… Read more »

Your Sweet Tooth: What To Do

There’s nothing quite like dealing with a sweet tooth when you’re trying to keep your smile on track. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to give into temptation, which can leave you more vulnerable to decay, gum problems, and more. So, what to do when you really like all of the goodies that are full of sugar… Read more »

Oral Health: All About Bedtime!

Do you feel like you have some very good intentions when it comes to protecting your oral health? However, there’s something about keeping up with your nighttime routine that isn’t going so well? Not to worry, we can help you sort out the problems and come up with solutions, so you know you’re doing your… Read more »

Plaque: A Quiz!

What you don’t think about most of the time is, unfortunately, still ever-present in the case of plaque. This sticky substance covers your smile every day. It shows up again even when you’ve cleaned it away! While you may be going through the motions to keep your smile clean, that doesn’t necessarily mean you completely… Read more »

Smile Care: 3 Things You Shouldn’t Overdo

There are some things in life that won’t necessarily cause any serious side effects when you overdo it and overindulge. Unfortunately, when it comes to your oral health, overdoing it with certain aspects of care and use can lead to some serious problems! Since these are quite easy to point out, easy to avoid, and… Read more »

Quiz: Here Comes Summer! Are You Ready?

Summer is on its way, as you have likely noticed, thanks to some very warm days that have already come and gone. While your main thoughts likely center around seasonal activities and all the fun that comes with this sunny time of year, our thoughts remain on one topic: Your oral health, of course! So,… Read more »

How Your Cell Phone Works For Your Smile

Have you ever mentioned to a friend that your cell phone basically does everything? It’s like a tiny computer, camera, and more. What you might not have recognized in that moment is that it can even help you keep your oral health safe! Don’t believe us? Allow us to walk you through some ways you… Read more »

Driving Habits That Are Bad For Your Teeth!

Have you ever thought about the things you do while you’re driving in your car and how they may negatively impact your oral health? Chances are good that you’re shaking your head from side to side right now because most of the time (hopefully), you’re focused on the road and the other cars around you… Read more »