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3 Small Smile Investments With Huge Payoffs

You may think about dental care and immediately assume that enjoying amazing results, keeping your smile in good condition, and enjoying esthetic improvements along the way is all going to require some sort of massive investment, whether in terms of time, money, energy, etc. However, our Southlake, TX team is pleased to remind you that… Read more »

When You’re Having Trouble Flossing

You might be someone who has always had a very easy time with the flossing that takes place as part of your dental hygiene but lately, things aren’t going so well. Then again, you may be someone who wonders how you have gone so long within your life without ever really feeling like you know… Read more »

Smile Care Help: Things You Keep Saying You’ll Do Tomorrow

You know that when you have something on your mind that needs to happen, the best time to take care of it is today. However, tomorrow often provides you with such a lovely buffer. It lets you give yourself just the tiniest bit more time, relaxation, avoidance, etc.! You can say, “I’ll do it tomorrow”… Read more »

Hygiene-Related Problems: What’s This Mean?

You may have always thought that dental problems were just that: All lumped together in the same category because they all have something to do with your smile. Then, one day, you hear the term hygiene-related problem mentioned and you think to yourself, doesn’t it all have to do with my hygiene? What differentiates this… Read more »

4 Things Soda Is Definitely Doing To Your Smile

If you’re an avid drinker of sodas and you can happily say it’s one of your favorite beverages to consume … or if you’re an occasional drinker (meaning, at least a few times a week) … then there are some things you should definitely know. When consumed more often than “once in a blue moon,”… Read more »

Simple, Powerful Benefits Of Smile Care

Did you know that the decision to follow through with smile care can yield exceptional benefits? It may not seem like you’re doing much, you think to yourself, when you brush, floss, and come in for visits. However, the opposite is actually true. The advantages you give yourself by remaining committed to keeping your smile… Read more »

Smile Pain: A Handful Of Things It Might Mean 

When smile pain shows up in your life, your first thought (after you feel upset that it doesn’t feel very good) is likely: What is the problem? You wonder why discomfort has arrived, what it means, and then, of course, you begin wondering what you should do about it. The “what you should do” in… Read more »

Ways You Shouldn’t Be Relying On Dental Hygiene 

There’s a very good way to rely on dental hygiene: You practice it every day, twice daily, which means brushing morning and evening (and flossing once), so you maintain your oral health. On the other hand, there’s a not so wonderful way to try to rely on this part of your preventive dental care, though… Read more »

Roads To Preventing Oral Health Problems

Did you know that there are many roads that lead to effective prevention of oral health problems? “But, don’t I just need to practice preventive care?” you might find yourself asking. Well, in short, the answer is yes! However, are you certain about each and every aspect of prevention, which is actually a multifaceted approach… Read more »

Why Don’t You Feel Like Brushing Your Teeth?

Not really in the mood to brush your teeth as often as you should be (which, in case you’ve forgotten, is twice daily!)? Not really in the mood to do it ever? However, you are well aware that you should brush because if you don’t, you’re making yourself vulnerable to a whole medley of problems,… Read more »