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Dental Crowns: 4 Things That Make Them Amazing!

When you hear that you require a dental crown for your smile, the first thing that pops into your head might not necessarily be, “Hooray! Crowns are so amazing!” However, if that did occur to you, our Southlake, TX team certainly wouldn’t argue! While you may not recognize just what makes this particular restorative dental… Read more »

Nuts And Your Smile: 2 Benefits, 2 Considerations

You know that it’s great to go nuts for nuts when we’re talking about your nutrition. However, you may also have some little memory in the back of your mind that includes a strong warning in regard to choosing this natural, hyper-healthy snack. The result? You find yourself stuck at a crossroads. Do you grab… Read more »

3 Cool Benefits Of Getting To Receive A Filling

“Oh, no!” you may think to yourself, “not another filling!” We understand. What you want is to come in to see our Southlake, TX team, learn that your smile is in perfect health, then head home. We would love for this to be your experience, too! However, from time to time, you may end up… Read more »

Cracked Teeth: Things You Just Didn’t Realize

One of those things you would love to avoid in your lifetime is a cracked tooth. It doesn’t sound very pleasant, you know that it will require some serious restorative care or can even lead to tooth loss when the crack is severe, and you’re pretty much happy to do what it takes to prevent… Read more »

Types Of Damage (And Why You Should Address Them)!

Our Southlake, TX team knows that when you find yourself dealing with any type of smile damage, it can really rattle you! As a result, what you want is to forget all about it, pretend everything is just fine, and get on with your day. You may hope that when you keep brushing and flossing… Read more »

Patient Case Feature: Porcelain Crowns!

What’s a patient to do when there’s already dentistry in place? If you have ever found yourself in want of teeth that looked whiter, as you deal with crowns or other dental work that has become damaged, you may worry that the undertaking will be far too grand. Good news: This is absolutely something we… Read more »

Dental Crowns: Good News For Your Smile!

Learning that you need a dental crown is not always what you expect to hear. Sometimes, when you need a fix for some type of illness related to hygiene, you expect other restorative care. In other cases, you may come in asking about veneers or whitening only to discover this curveball: We suggest a porcelain… Read more »

3 Reasons You Don’t Want A Crown (And What To Do)

If we tell you that you need a dental crown and you look at us and say that you don’t want one, you may be putting your smile (no, you will definitely be putting your smile) in harm’s way. What begins as a suggestion for a crown with the confidence that we can easily save… Read more »

Crowns: Getting Back To Basics

Have you ever wondered about dental crowns, hopped online, and found yourself faced with some advanced information that doesn’t really help you at all? When you’re new to this restorative treatment to protect your teeth, what you want is some introductory details that will help you thoroughly grasp what a crown is, who needs it,… Read more »

Prosthetics: How To Track Their Wear

When you receive your dental crown, dental bridge, denture, etc., the initial experience is a pristine one. Everything fits beautifully. The materials are brand new. They crown or device looks exceptional and functions wonderfully. However, you may wonder to yourself how you’re supposed to know if it’s becoming damaged, if it’s wearing out, if you… Read more »