Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile Dreams: Did I Miss My Chance?

On the spectrum of possible smile dreams you might have for yourself, there exists a vast array of hopes! Unfortunately, patients often assume they’ve missed their chance completely, thereby feeling compelled to leave dreams behind and instead, to settle for a smile that’s damaged, just okay, or disappointing. Fortunately, our Southlake, TX team is happy… Read more »

Selecting Veneers: How Do I Know For Sure?

When the topic of selecting porcelain veneers for yourself comes up, something happens that you may not have been expecting. You love everything about what veneers seem to be. However, a question shows up that you simply cannot shake: How do I know for sure? This question may apply to a broad range of details… Read more »

Your Whiter Smile Tips: Maintaining Realistic Expectations

There’s something about the idea of whitening one’s smile that can send patients over the top! At first, you just really wish that you could feel good about your smile, as you make stains a thing of the past. However, the next moment, you may find yourself wondering if you’ll be able to get your… Read more »

3 Ways To Think Of A Smile Makeover

When you think about a smile makeover, you immediately recognize that this is serious cosmetic business! You’ll get to not only address one little issue with the way your smile looks but you will essentially find yourself addressing all of the things that you feel unhappy with at the moment (and that you may have… Read more »

Smile Care: Wants, Needs, And Waiting

Your dental care is rather straightforward in terms of what it takes to keep your smile healthy, what to do if you should require a repair, and the fact that there are treatments that can even help you improve its beauty. That is, it’s all very simple to understand and practice, when you have answers… Read more »

Why You’re Wrong If You Think Cosmetic Care Isn’t For You

You may have one of those brief moments, during which you feel excited at the prospect of cosmetic dental care for your smile but you then quickly shut the thought out. After all, you guess it’s not for you, just for other people, so that means you’re probably stuck with whatever imperfections are currently affecting… Read more »

How To Really Help Your Smile Glow

If we were to ask you about how you’d like your smile to look, you would most certainly not respond with, “I’d like it to look somewhat dim and dingy.” With that said, however, you may find that this is somewhat close to how you would characterize your smile at the moment and, as a… Read more »

Let’s Address Those Bonding Questions Of Yours

It’s perfectly natural to have lots of questions about the details of dental bonding, even though you may have already gathered a general understanding that bonding is efficient, effective, and absolutely safe for your smile! Instead, you may hope to bring up your concerns and uncertainties with our Southlake, TX team as we respond to… Read more »

Stop! Replace Smile Myths With Facts This Instant! 

There are smile myths you might hear that you immediately recognize as sounding not-quite-right. Then, there are those tall tales you might unintentionally end up carrying around with you as knowledge that you believe because they sounded reasonable enough. Remember, when you’re not sure about something, it’s always smart to run it by our Southlake,… Read more »

What Makes Professional Whitening So Much Safer?

You know that at some point, you heard you should definitely choose professional teeth whitening if you’re going to take action to erase the stains currently causing your smile to look less than ideal. However, you’re starting to wonder if there is really any compelling evidence to suggest that this is something to adhere to… Read more »