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Let’s Address Those Bonding Questions Of Yours

It’s perfectly natural to have lots of questions about the details of dental bonding, even though you may have already gathered a general understanding that bonding is efficient, effective, and absolutely safe for your smile! Instead, you may hope to bring up your concerns and uncertainties with our Southlake, TX team as we respond to… Read more »

Stop! Replace Smile Myths With Facts This Instant! 

There are smile myths you might hear that you immediately recognize as sounding not-quite-right. Then, there are those tall tales you might unintentionally end up carrying around with you as knowledge that you believe because they sounded reasonable enough. Remember, when you’re not sure about something, it’s always smart to run it by our Southlake,… Read more »

Avoiding Photos? Your Dentist Can Help

Summer is the season of vacations, family reunions, weddings and photo ops galore. If you are known for hiding in the back, ducking behind something, or offering to take the photo instead of be in it, let’s talk about what is holding you back. Your Southlake, TX dentist has cosmetic solutions if you are embarrassed… Read more »

Will Bonding Be Everything You Hope For And More?

Are you thinking about coming in to talk with our Southlake, TX team about dental bonding? Have you waited a little longer than planned because you are so absolutely hopeful that bonding will be everything you’ve ever dreamed of and you just don’t want to be disappointed? In terms of this particular cosmetic solution, we… Read more »