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5 Ways to Fall in Love with Your Smile

5 Ways to Fall in Love with Your Smile

A smile can do so many amazing things: cheer someone up, welcome a friend, greet a stranger, make a positive first impression. Your smile is easily your best asset, so it’s important that you love your smile! Read on to discover 5 ways to fall in love with your smile. 1. Practicing Good Self-care When… Read more »

What To Expect As You Plan Cosmetic Work With Veneers

Have you started to think about how you would like to change your smile? Are you fed up with the presence of chips or cracks, discoloration, or other issues that have negatively impacted your appearance? When patients are interested in making changes to their smile through cosmetic dentistry, they can be drawn to the benefits… Read more »

Is Your Morning Routine Making Trouble For Your Smile?

Is breakfast your most important meal of the day, or is it one part of a morning routine that is leaving you vulnerable to dental troubles? The morning can be an important period when it comes to maintaining your healthy smile. If you do not spend adequate time brushing, you can leave oral bacteria in… Read more »

Help! My Teeth Grinding Has Made My Smile Less Attractive!

Certain habits can lead to gradual – and unwelcome – changes to your smile. One issue is the buildup of particles that can stain your enamel, leaving you with teeth that appear discolored. Another issue you should know about is the harmful effect of frequent teeth grinding. If the problem is not addressed, it can… Read more »

Your Dentist Can Help You Take On Problems With Teeth Stains

Why are you having a hard time keeping your teeth white? Simply put, your typical diet may carry more of a risk for causing stains than you realize. The consistent consumption of products that are dark or rich in color can leave your enamel regularly exposed to particles that can gather and dull your smile…. Read more »

How Can A Tooth Bonding Procedure Change My Smile?

If you continue to feel a sense of dissatisfaction, or even embarrassment, because of flaws that affect your teeth, this could be the right time to look into cosmetic dental work. When you check out your options for smile care, you can find that a procedure can take less time and work than you imagine!… Read more »

Do You Have A “Gummy” Smile? Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help

Ideally, whenever you smile people will be drawn to the sight of bright, healthy teeth. Problems with stains, dental damage, and issues with the alignment or shape of teeth can interfere with your confidence, but not every cosmetic flaw is centered around your teeth. Sometimes, patients have problems with the way they look because their… Read more »

Can I Take Care Of A Smile Gap With Cosmetic Dental Work?

If you have signs of poor spacing between teeth, is there any alternative to orthodontic work that might help you? While alignment issues are often addressed with orthodontic appliances, your Southlake, TX dentist may be able to recommend cosmetic dental treatment for you. Depending on how severe a smile gap is, it may be something… Read more »

Our GLO Whitening System Can Produce Exciting Improvements

If you no longer feel excited to show off your smile because of significant teeth stains, you should know that your Southlake, TX dentist can help. Our practice can help you see noteworthy improvements to the color of your smile because we use the GLO Teeth Whitening System to take care of stubborn stains. This… Read more »

Deciding On A Smile Makeover Plan With Your Dentist

The thought of improving your smile can be an exciting one, but the matter can also feel daunting to you. After all, you can be unclear about how much work cosmetic dentistry can involve, and you may worry about how long the process might take. At our Southlake, TX dentist’s office, we are ready to… Read more »