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Watercolor Art For Kids

Do you love seeing the amazing works of art that your little ones create? Always amazed at seeing your child’s thoughts drawn out on paper? If so, then why not see them splashed out before your very eyes through the magical beauty of watercolors? The upcoming Southlake, TX Watercolor Art for Kids is just the… Read more »

Chalk Art In The Square 2019

Remember creating one fantastic scene after another with sidewalk chalk when you were a kiddo? Why not bring that magic into adulthood (and share it with your children) with the upcoming Chalk Art in the Square 2019? Whether you’re quite the artist or prefer to take part in the other activities as you appreciate the… Read more »

Celebrate Southlake 2019

What’s so special about our Southlake, TX community? While you may already feel that it is quite wonderful and unique, how might you describe the magic that makes this so? Whether you have paragraphs that you could extoll or you aren’t quite sure how to put it into words, if you’re interested in celebrating Southlake… Read more »

Cooking Class: Cancer-Free Kitchen

You hear a lot about the foods that are good for you, the ones that aren’t so good, and you hear about cooking and nutrition choices that help fight the development of cancer. While you hear lots of details, knowing where to begin and how to actually implement these practices in the kitchen in another… Read more »

Kick Off Your 2019 Event

We’re still celebrating 2019, of course, because the year is still brand new! While you may have collected some resolutions for yourself, our Southlake, TX team asks how you’re doing with all of that? Perhaps you meant to work on your wardrobe, ramp up your fitness routine, switch to a healthier lifestyle, and more. Maybe… Read more »

Leaf Recycling Collection 2019

If you’re like many individuals in Southlake, TX, then you were first awed and inspired by the leaves that began to fall in autumn. Then, at some point, you realized that it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the blanket of tree litter that seems to pour down! Once you finally get them all raked… Read more »

Exhibition On Screen: Degas Passion For Perfection

Which of Degas’ works is your favorite? His dancers? His woman drinking absinthe? One of his other famous works or one that’s slightly more obscure? In any case, whether you’re already a big fan or if you’ve always loved Degas but don’t know much about his art, the upcoming Exhibition On Screen: Degas Passion For… Read more »

Recycle Your Tree (and More)

Whew! As holiday visitors return home, and schedules return to their regular pattern, it’s time to take a breath and look around. There are probably plenty of smiling family photos to enjoy, which shows that your good dental care in Southlake, TX is paying dividends with your smile. Meanwhile, is there a holiday tree still… Read more »

Live Snake Encounters Event!

Are you already completely certain you’ll feel sleepy once New Year’s Eve (and day) festivities are through? Wondering if there will be a cup of coffee big enough to get your energy back up? Hmm…our Southlake, TX team has another idea. Why not bring the family to the upcoming Live Snake Encounters event? It’s almost… Read more »