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The Monster Mash

Are you a huge fan of Halloween? How about your kids – do they enjoy putting on over-the-top costumes every year and collecting as much candy as possible? If you answered, “yes” to either of these inquiries, chances are good you’re going to love this lively, upcoming event. Just remember to get your toothbrushes ready… Read more »

Oktoberfest Southlake

Do you wait as September makes its exit, hoping that this October in Texas will offer the cozy fall experience you love? While you can’t always count on crisp sweater weather by the time October rolls around, you can certainly expect to enjoy the autumn experience you’ve been craving with a trip to Oktoberfest. Lucky… Read more »

North Texas Walk for PKD

Are you looking for a good place to start joining community runs? Are you someone who is a seasoned runner and running for a good cause is always something that you enjoy participating in? Perhaps you and your family prefer to contribute by going the distance with a walk. Whatever the case, this upcoming 5k… Read more »

Park Grand Opening

Have you been excitedly awaiting the opening of Bicentennial Park? If so, this is a wonderful opportunity to bring your whole family out for an enjoyable time with your community. In addition to the unveiling of the new space and play areas, you can expect some fun activities. What better way to soak up the… Read more »

A Walk Through Time

Do you find the history of a town quite interesting? Is there something about poring over old images of your town in particular that tugs at your heartstrings? If so, this upcoming event is one you should take into serious consideration. Ask some friends and family members to tag along to enjoy this educational experience… Read more »

Reunion Lawn Party

Is there something about visiting food trucks and enjoying their unique fare that gets you smiling? Perhaps lounging in the grass with some friends before summer makes its departure is where you find your relaxation. Whether you’re looking to send the warmer days off (and welcome autumn) with friends, family members, or that special someone,… Read more »

DMA Late Nights

Is there something about the idea of walking through an art museum in the nighttime hours that sounds mysterious and fun? If so, you and the Dallas Museum of Art have something in common – you both like the idea of late nights in the museum. Gather up some friends and family who like art… Read more »

Ringling Brothers And Barnum & Bailey

Remember going to see the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus as a child? There are few things more exciting and amazing than the exceptional acts and magical creatures! Have you made it all the way into adulthood and can’t say you’ve ever been to the circus? Lucky for you, this is an event… Read more »

Music Making Festival

Would it be your dream come true to sit around making music with your family? Perhaps you already have a bit of an amateur fam-band going on at home. Whatever the case, this is an exceptionally exciting event where individuals or families of just about any age can show up and set their inner musician… Read more »

Juggling Class For Everyone

Have you spent some time throwing a couple apples and oranges around in an attempt to get the hang of juggling (but you seem to have missed some important details)? This is truly an art, so if you weren’t naturally blessed with an immediate ability to do so, don’t feel too bad. What you should… Read more »