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Safety In Southlake With Chief Brandon

Have you been feeling increasingly nervous about what you see on the news (on what feels like a daily basis)? Do you spend a lot of time trying to remain positive but concerns about recent events tend to creep into your mind, causing you some stress about feeling safe in your own wonderful community? If… Read more »

Easter In The Park  

Is there anything cuter or more joyful than watching as children of all ages scatter across bright green grass, trying their hardest to uncover hidden eggs? Of course not! To make sure you don’t miss this fun annual experience, remember to schedule time to participate in this upcoming Easter event. The Event This is Easter in… Read more »

Annual Chili Cook-Off

Whether you love cooking chili – or eating chili – or both, there’s nothing like a good chili-cooking competition to get your weekend started off on the right foot! Save your appetite for an afternoon chili extravaganza (and remember to schedule this event into your Saturday plans)! What Is This? This is the Annual Chili… Read more »

Strokes Of Art In The Square

As you may well be aware if you’ve lived in Southlake for some time, the 17th Art in the Square Festival is quickly approaching. To prepare for this event, why not stop by for the pre-event kickoff celebration? It’s sure to be a blast! What Is This? For the fifth year in a row, plan… Read more »

Chinese New Year Celebration

Have you been catching onto the excitement of the Chinese New Year? Have you been researching the Year of the Monkey, which the world rang in on February 8th? If so, you will be quite excited to learn about this upcoming celebratory event that is just as fun as it is educational. What Is the… Read more »

Valentine’s Day: Creative Date Night

Have you been getting ready for Valentine’s Day as it quickly approaches? Do you love any excuse to plan something super romantic with your significant other? If the usual date night ideas are feeling a bit stale to you this year and you’re looking for something on the creative end of the spectrum, consider this… Read more »

The Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Do you happen to love all things Valentine’s Day? Is there something about the heart-shaped everything, candy, flowers, and general feeling of love in the air that sends you swooning? If so, you will be quite excited about this upcoming event, which gives you the chance to win some extra lovely prizes. What Is The… Read more »

Wounded Warrior Softball Tourney

Have you heard of Wounded Warrior? This is a public charity comprised of the United States’ wounded service people, including veterans, soldiers, and heroes. All of these individuals have incurred severe injuries, amputations, and have made their way through extraordinary feats of perseverance to join a traveling softball team that inspires audiences (while raising money… Read more »

LiveFit Southlake Health Fair

Have you made a resolution or two for yourself – or on behalf of your entire family – to get healthy and fit for 2016? Is it going well? Do you feel like you’ve got some direction but a bit more motivation might help? If so, do yourself and your loved ones a favor and… Read more »

Harry Potter Teen Night

Do you have to admit that you’re just as interested in the Harry Potter series as your children? Have you found that the quickest way to entertain your teens is to suggest turning on a Harry Potter movie? Whether your little ones have grown up with these stories or are just discovering them, this is… Read more »