Category: Community Events

Share the Joy: “Christmas is for Children” Drive

This time of year seems to hold a special excitement for just about everybody. That includes youngsters who leave milk for Santa and crunchy carrots for his reindeer, to parents, grandparents and maybe even great-grandparents who have years of holiday experience to their credit. If your family is in a good place this year, you… Read more »

Turkey Cupcakes Event! 

What’s cuter and more delicious than a cupcake and spot on for the current Thanksgiving mood we’re enjoying? Well, a cupcake that looks like a turkey, of course! If you happen to enjoy baking (or you really just love eating baked goods and you’ll take any excuse), then get ready to gobble up some yummy… Read more »

Carnivores Versus Herbivores Event! 

Now, if you take just a moment to review some very important dinosaur details, you’ll remember that a carnivore is a meat eater, while an herbivore is a plant eater! It’s the sort of stuff that becomes very important, when you start imagining yourself in a world where dinosaurs roam the earth! Some might be… Read more »

Fort Worth Zoo Event! 

Love going to the zoo with your family but you don’t exactly have time at the moment for an outing that becomes an all-day experience? Good news: You’ve got access to a Southlake, TX community event that checks off all the boxes! It’s Fort Worth Zoo day at the library and you will most certainly… Read more »

Hoot & Howl Fall Festival 2019

What’s more exciting than a library-hosted fall festival, you wonder? How about bringing the fun beyond the library walls, outdoors (where you can enjoy the arrival of autumn weather), at the Bob Jones Nature Center! Get ready for all of the lovely, cozy, fall goodness you enjoy from this season, as you celebrate in style… Read more »

Howl-O-Ween: Three Dog Bakery! 

What’s cuter than your pup barking each and every time trick-or-treaters ring your doorbell on Halloween night? Oh, we’re guessing entering them into a costume contest (and parade) is probably a solid winner! If this sounds too adorable to you, then don’t miss the upcoming Howl-O-Ween event in our Southlake, TX community!

Mommy & Me Cooking With Tastebuds 

Do you love spending time in the kitchen with your kiddo? If so, then you may wish to join the other one-parent-one-child chef pairs attending the upcoming Mommy & Me Cooking With Tastebuds class in our Southlake, TX community! Plan on using your imagination and your cooking skills, on learning a thing or two, and… Read more »

The Great Pumpkin Splasher 2019

You’ve heard of bobbing for apples and maybe bobbing for pumpkins before … but have you ever considered a pool party for Halloween? It’s the coolest, most refreshing way to combine our Southlake, TX community’s very warm October temperatures with the exceptionally cozy fun that we look forward to from fall! Crisp weather or not,… Read more »

Monarch Butterfly Festival 2019

What’s more mesmerizing and delightful than seeing a butterfly floating through the air, landing on a flower, and fluttering nearby? If you can think of practically nothing, then just imagine witnessing a butterfly release of more of these delicate-winged beauties than you’ve ever seen! Fortunately, you may experience this in our very own Southlake, TX… Read more »

Western Wednesdays At Harkins Theatres! 

Howdy, there, cowboys and cowgirls! Have a hankerin’ for an opportunity to wear your best Western wear? Happen to enjoy a gritty, tough, throwback Western flick from time to time, too? Why not combine these two passions by attending the upcoming Western Wednesdays at Harkins Theatres in our very own Southlake, TX community? You’ll get… Read more »