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Date Night: Learn To DJ!

If you spent your high school and college years hitting the books and having some fun, too (but somehow you managed to miss becoming an extremely talented DJ), you may wonder where you went wrong. You see Instagram pics of close friends DJing at parties and think to yourself, “I may have a day job… Read more »

Frost Summer Sweet Treats 2018

If you haven’t noticed (though we are sure you have) it’s quite hot out there in the Texas summer heat. So, when we hear about a free, chilly event that’s sure to help you cool off, we feel compelled to pass it along! If you find yourself in need of respite from the blazing temps,… Read more »

Creative Hand Lettering Class: Teens And Adults

Ready to try your hand at some extraordinarily beautiful hand lettering? Ever wish you knew how to craft your own beautiful font for a card or some other piece of writing? Now is your chance with the upcoming Creative Hand Lettering Class in Southlake, TX! What Is This? Like it sounds, you have the chance… Read more »

Pups In The Park 2018

Just about everything becomes cuter and more fun when it involves your pup, right? Of course! That happens to be the thinking behind the upcoming Pups In The Park 2018 event, which is why you should most certainly bring your little bundle of fluff along with you to partake in some pooch-focused activities (and it’s… Read more »

National Hot Dog Day 2018

If you were planning on attending National Ice Cream Day in our community, then you may wonder what on earth could top such an indulgent and nostalgic experience. Good news: Just a few days later, you will have the opportunity of taking part in National Hot Dog Day 2018! Yesiree, the summer is shaping up… Read more »

Even Dentists Enjoy National Ice Cream Day!

It’s a running joke that dentists tut-tut against eating sweets. But sometimes the opportunity is just too good to miss. Who could say no to a celebration for National Ice Cream Day? In truth, just about every food can be part of a tooth-healthy diet. As long as you are maintaining a good preventive care… Read more »

Share A Magic Safari With Your Kids!

Summer days can be long, and if you have young ones singing the “I’m bored” refrain, it might be a treat to pack them up and head out to experience a magic safari! The Southlake Public Library will host Safari Greg and his wild and wonderful magic performance. And it wouldn’t be surprising if Safari… Read more »

Stars And Stripes 2018

“The Fourth” is quickly headed our way, which means it’s time to coordinate your best patriotic fireworks-watching outfit, while you prepare for the upcoming celebrations like our very own Stars and Stripes! This year’s 19th annual showstopper is sure to please. About This Event Stars and Stripes 2018 will bring you all of the excitement… Read more »

Live Performance Of Treasure Island

Arr, matey! Do you happen to have any swashbucklin’ kiddos who fancy a pirate tale or two? If so, then you will probably want to wash up on shore of the upcoming Live Performance of Treasure Island. It’s for kids of all ages to enjoy! Event Details Watch The Hampstead Stage Company as they act… Read more »