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What To Say When Your Child Won’t Brush

Even kids who’ve been good little boys and girls for Santa can get cranky when it comes to brushing. They may not have much understanding of how brushing relates to good overall dental health. The words “tooth decay” and “dental hygiene” are not a part of their everyday vocabulary. And for children, there are lots… Read more »

2018 For Your Kids: Choose Sealants

Yes, you’ve already got your kids’ gifts wrapped up and they’re waiting under the twinkling tree. Now, it’s the final countdown until the wrapping paper is off, the kids are smiling, and the adults are on major cleanup duty! However, you may be wondering if there’s anything you missed. Did you read those wish lists… Read more »

Happy Halloween: Quiz Your Kids!

Are you ready for Halloween tonight? Maybe you’re not quite as excited as your kids are but you’re more than willing to put on a happy face and guide them around the neighborhood, so they can collect their very special loot of goodies. Now, are your kids ready for Halloween? Of course, they are ready… Read more »

Quick Quiz: Do Toddlers Need Dental Care?

As cute and cuddly as they are, toddlers aren’t the ideal guests in some spaces. Maybe you are enjoying date night at a fancy restaurant, or settling into crunch time for a big work project that demands your full attention. If you are the parent of a toddler, you want to find a dental office… Read more »

Your Baby’s Smile: Early Care

When you’re about to become a parent, one of the things you look forward to most is seeing baby’s first smile! What you might suddenly realize as you think about this is that perhaps you’re not exactly sure how to keep that smile clean or if you even need to. Do babies need dental hygiene?… Read more »

Children’s Dental Care Q&A: A Review

The most common first questions we receive from parents about children’s dental care generally tend to focus on the word “when.” When should my child begin the questions start, and then follow with a variety of inquiries and concerns. For responses to the stuff just about every parent out there wants and needs to know,… Read more »

Quiz: Your Child’s Loose Tooth

There’s something very exciting and almost magical about loose baby teeth! When your son or daughter’s first loose tooth happens, it is certainly cause for a bit of celebration. However, this moment may also lead to a long list of questions that you’re not sure you can answer. Should you force the tooth out or… Read more »