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Mouthguards: 3 Times They’re Super Important!

Your dentist knows that at the tippy top of your priority list every day, you might not have dental care listed. However, we would very much love to hear that you’ve got protecting your smile through optimal preventive care somewhere in the mix. In fact, our Southlake, TX team would feel much better if we… Read more »

Patient Case Feature: Detailed Bonding For A Child!  

When you have a kiddo who tends to have lots of little accidents and you’re no stranger to seeing your friendly dentist or doctor, you are likely used to wondering what will come from these mishaps. Will things be okay? Will the fixes be lasting? Will injuries in childhood lead to significant problems down the… Read more »

Patient Case Feature: Direct Bonding With Composite

While you may already realize that we can fix just about anything for our adult patients, you may find yourself asking (particularly if you have a child who needs dental care), what about kids? What if your child was to chip or break a tooth? Would there be hope on the horizon, would your child… Read more »

3 Things To Keep In Mind: About Your Kiddos’ Smiles

You’re probably getting pretty good at taking care of your own smile! Just when you feel you’ve really gotten the hang of it, you suddenly have some little smiles to care for and they cause you to stumble across a bunch of questions you’d never really considered before! You think back to childhood but the… Read more »

Providing Dedicated Dental Care To The Whole Family

If you want your family photos full of bright, healthy smiles, you need to make sure everyone is enjoying quality oral care at home, and during regular dental checkups. Parents can be quick to recognize the value of pediatric dental checkups. These visits give you regular updates about the development of your child’s oral structures,… Read more »

3 Things To Consider Getting The Kiddos This School Year

You’ve heard from us that we think you should definitely get your child’s next dental visit on the books in preparation for the new, quickly approaching school year. However, we happen to have some additional thoughts! You’ve got a supply list coming your way as far as what your children need for educational purposes. So,… Read more »

Your Kids: The Three Things To Remember For Effective Dental Care

Your kids need dental care just as much as you do but you may not always know just what to do. You realize that since their smiles are still growing but yours is not, you may need to approach their care a bit differently. So, what’s the right approach? How to keep track of what… Read more »

A Toddler’s First Dental Visit: When, Where, Why

When older children attend dental exams, checkups and cleanings, many things happen. We clean teeth surfaces carefully, and remove tartar (hardened plaque) that will not respond to tooth brushing. We may take X-rays, or use other dental technology to look inside mouths and throats. We check for signs of oral cancer. Why do dentists suggest… Read more »

Thirsty Child? Offer Plenty of Water!

While baby teeth aren’t meant to last lifetime, that doesn’t mean young teeth don’t need your attention. Good dental hygiene is important at all stages of life. As a parent you have significant influence over your child’s dental habits, from forming the routine of twice-daily tooth brushing, to scheduling dental appointments with a caring, family-oriented… Read more »

Children’s Dental Care Before Bedtime

There are some very easy ways to completely destroy the hard work that you put forth during your children’s nighttime dental care. There are always ways to make that second dental hygiene session of the day much more difficult than it needs to be. Fortunately, we have quite a lot of experience in this area… Read more »