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Our Practice Can Provide Cavity Care For Kids

Your Southlake, TX dentist is prepared to help people with different degrees of cavity trouble. For an individual who only requires a dental filling, we can provide a tooth-colored restoration that offers protection against future harm. If the problem is too severe for a filling, we can arrange the appropriate care to save your tooth,… Read more »

Tips To Make Dental Visits More Comfortable For Kids

As part of your parenting responsibilities, you can find yourself introducing your kids to many different experiences and situations. Pediatric dental visits can have important long-term benefits for your child’s smile, but you may worry about their discomfort in the dentist’s chair. What can you do to make sure they feel at ease going to… Read more »

3 Actions That Can Help Your Kids Protect Their Teeth

If you want to make sure your kids grow up with healthy, happy smiles, make sure you help them develop good habits at an early age. Once children take on the responsibility of cleaning their teeth on their own, you will have to count on them to effectively prevent plaque and tartar from gathering on… Read more »

How Can I Make Sure My Kids Aren’t Afraid Of The Dentist?

Many activities that are common to adults are new, and potentially stressful, to young children. When it comes to providing pediatric oral health care, we recognize that the dentist’s office can be a strange place for kids. Because of this, we take care to give them a positive first impression of our office, and take… Read more »

Smart Smile Tips For Parents And Kids To Follow

A person’s smile is important at every age, and your teeth always deserve quality care. At our Southlake, TX dental practice, we are proud to provide important oral health support for adults and kids alike. For kids, education and instructions about good dental care can be valuable, even as we provide traditional examinations and cleanings… Read more »

Finding A Dental Office For Your Entire Family

It is obviously important that every person in your family enjoy good health, and good oral health. At home, you can help everyone protect their teeth by staying consistent about providing healthy snacks, by encouraging thorough teeth brushing and flossing, and by scheduling preventive dental care. At our Southlake, TX dental practice, we can effectively… Read more »

Protecting Your Young Child From Cavities

As young children grow, they become more capable of understanding and engaging with the world around them. As they continue to learn and develop, parents offer important education and support. Oral health care is important even before a child’s first tooth arrives. While your support can be vital to helping your kids maintain healthy and… Read more »

3 Things That Help Your Child’s Teeth (Besides Brushing)

  What a delight it is to be greeted by a child’s smile! For optimal oral care, It is recommended to schedule your child’s first dental appointment around the age of one, or when the first teeth begin to show. Your trusted Southlake, TX family dentist can advise you on caring for your child’s teeth… Read more »

Mouthguards: 3 Times They’re Super Important!

Your dentist knows that at the tippy top of your priority list every day, you might not have dental care listed. However, we would very much love to hear that you’ve got protecting your smile through optimal preventive care somewhere in the mix. In fact, our Southlake, TX team would feel much better if we… Read more »

Patient Case Feature: Detailed Bonding For A Child!  

When you have a kiddo who tends to have lots of little accidents and you’re no stranger to seeing your friendly dentist or doctor, you are likely used to wondering what will come from these mishaps. Will things be okay? Will the fixes be lasting? Will injuries in childhood lead to significant problems down the… Read more »