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Check In On Younger Children When They Brush And Floss

Even at a young age, kids can be eager to do more for themselves. While it can be a good idea to encourage and reward independence, there are certainly times where parents should be on hand to offer guidance. Even as you turn over the tasks of brushing and flossing their teeth to them, you… Read more »

3 Things You Can Do To Help Your Kids Avoid Cavities

While you can expect your role in protecting your child’s smile to shrink over time, your support can help them remain safe against problems with tooth decay. Cavities at any age can be a problem, and will require restorative dental work to treat. For younger children, a cavity can create problems for the natural development… Read more »

Helping Your Child Learn To Brush And Floss On Their Own

As they grow up, kids pick up more responsibilities, and have more control over their own care. Your child may be reaching an age where they can be trusted to brush and floss their teeth on their own. At this point, you can feel happy to see them reach this development milestone, but understandably concerned… Read more »

Why Kids Sometimes Have A Hard Time Avoiding Cavities

When a child’s teeth first start to arrive, their parents will have to directly help them protect them against dental decay by cleaning them. While kids will grow up to take care of this on their own, the support they receive when it comes to learning about oral hygiene can be valuable. Children sometimes struggle… Read more »

How Can Cavities Affect A Young Child’s Developing Smile?

Part of caring for your child means encouraging them to pick up good habits that help them care for themselves. In order to protect their oral health, you should encourage them to brush and floss thoroughly on a daily basis in order to avoid cavities. While tooth decay is never an enjoyable experience, problems with… Read more »

Issues That Can Make Kids Vulnerable To Tooth Decay

Is a child’s smile naturally more vulnerable to cavities? Even at an early age, tooth enamel is a remarkably strong substance, so kids generally have the same natural support as adults. However, there are certain disadvantages that they face when it comes to preventing problems with cavities. One is that, simply put, they are still… Read more »

Use These Tips To Encourage Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth

Your Southlake, TX dentist’s office can provide important dental health support for your kids. At every visit, children receive careful preventive dental health support that can match the kind of care that adults receive during their dental exams. They also enjoy helpful lessons that can encourage them to develop good oral hygiene habits. Of course,… Read more »

What Do Kids Gain From Attending Regular Dental Checkups?

As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure your kids have the support they need to grow up healthy and happy. With that said, there are some tasks where you can count on some important support. For example, your Southlake, TX dentist is here to help your kids grow up with lovely, problem-free smiles…. Read more »

Introducing Kids To Routine Preventive Dental Care

What can you do to make sure your child feels comfortable when they start attending pediatric dental exams? Entering a new environment can be stressful for small children, and they can feel uneasy when they first begin seeing their dentist. At our Southlake, TX dentist’s office, we are prepared to welcome our youngest patients when… Read more »

The Importance Of Protecting A Child’s Primary Teeth

Even if your child’s primary teeth are temporary, they deserve care and attention. Making dental health a priority at an early age can help them develop good habits while they are young, which can make them more likely to continue practicing smart smile care later in life. It can also help to prevent problems with… Read more »