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A Toddler’s First Dental Visit: When, Where, Why

When older children attend dental exams, checkups and cleanings, many things happen. We clean teeth surfaces carefully, and remove tartar (hardened plaque) that will not respond to tooth brushing. We may take X-rays, or use other dental technology to look inside mouths and throats. We check for signs of oral cancer. Why do dentists suggest… Read more »

Thirsty Child? Offer Plenty of Water!

While baby teeth aren’t meant to last lifetime, that doesn’t mean young teeth don’t need your attention. Good dental hygiene is important at all stages of life. As a parent you have significant influence over your child’s dental habits, from forming the routine of twice-daily tooth brushing, to scheduling dental appointments with a caring, family-oriented… Read more »

Children’s Dental Care Before Bedtime

There are some very easy ways to completely destroy the hard work that you put forth during your children’s nighttime dental care. There are always ways to make that second dental hygiene session of the day much more difficult than it needs to be. Fortunately, we have quite a lot of experience in this area… Read more »

What To Say When Your Child Won’t Brush

Even kids who’ve been good little boys and girls for Santa can get cranky when it comes to brushing. They may not have much understanding of how brushing relates to good overall dental health. The words “tooth decay” and “dental hygiene” are not a part of their everyday vocabulary. And for children, there are lots… Read more »

2018 For Your Kids: Choose Sealants

Yes, you’ve already got your kids’ gifts wrapped up and they’re waiting under the twinkling tree. Now, it’s the final countdown until the wrapping paper is off, the kids are smiling, and the adults are on major cleanup duty! However, you may be wondering if there’s anything you missed. Did you read those wish lists… Read more »

Happy Halloween: Quiz Your Kids!

Are you ready for Halloween tonight? Maybe you’re not quite as excited as your kids are but you’re more than willing to put on a happy face and guide them around the neighborhood, so they can collect their very special loot of goodies. Now, are your kids ready for Halloween? Of course, they are ready… Read more »