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Restoring A Smile Affected By A Teeth Grinding Habit

When you ignore the signs of a teeth grinding habit, you put your smile at risk! A person who regularly grinds their teeth at night can wear down their enamel to the point that changes to their appearance are hard to ignore. This problem, known as bruxism, can make your smile look uneven, create conspicuous… Read more »

Are Your Teeth Worn? Find Out if It’s Bruxism

Your teeth face plenty of dangers every day, such as the oral bacteria that accumulate on them. Fortunately, when healthy, they’re strong enough to withstand most of those dangers and remain strong and healthy against them. However, there are some things you can only protect your teeth from by preventing them occurring at all. For… Read more »

Computer, Cell Phone, Tablet: Threatening Your Smile? 

You always think of your computer, your phone, and your tablet as something that’s good for your smile because it seems that these devices provide you with the ability to contact our Southlake, TX team, they provide you with access to dental information, to our website, and can even help you remember to show up… Read more »

Bruxism And Your Future: Things To Consider!

There are some things you really need to consider if bruxism disorder is an issue that is currently part of your smile’s narrative! Remember, this is the functional concern that develops when you are involuntarily (yet quite consistently) grinding your teeth back and forth or clenching them together. Doesn’t sound like something that you’ll simply… Read more »

Are There Any Real Threats Involved with Teeth-Grinding?

When you first develop bruxism, it might not seem like much of a problem. Part of that may be because you don’t notice that you grind your teeth all the time, especially if you have nighttime bruxism. Another reason may be that the consequences of bruxism often don’t become obvious until serious tooth damage has… Read more »

A Handful Of Times The Mystery Could Be Bruxism

You know something isn’t the way it used to be with your smile. However, you’re having a very hard time figuring out what’s causing your current change. Maybe it’s the way your smile feels. Maybe it’s the way your smile looks. Perhaps someone even made a comment to you about the way your smile sounds… Read more »

So, What’s Bruxism Treatment Actually Doing?

You know that bruxism treatment is doing something because its main purpose is to treat bruxism disorder. You are also aware of the fact that bruxism isn’t a good thing because it means that when you grind and clench (even though you may not be aware of it), this constant motion can cause lots of… Read more »

Ways You Don’t Realize You’re Stressing Your Teeth

Are you absolutely, completely certain that you’re not doing anything to put your oral health in harm’s way? If you’re slowly shaking your head from side to side, as you think about the question, you may be at a bit of a loss. You know that you brush and floss but aside from that, you… Read more »

A Few Cool Things About Bruxism Treatment

When you’re just learning about bruxism, which generally means you’re either grinding your teeth chronically (or clenching them … or both), you can find the topic of bruxism treatment to be mysterious at best. You’re already dealing with the fact that you’ve likely been performing a habit you don’t even realize you’re doing and it’s… Read more »

Bruxism Treatment: 3 Problems It Will Address

The primary goal of bruxism treatment is to stop the friction and pressure associated with bruxism disorder. Can’t remember what this is? In short, it’s the problem that affects your smile’s function in which you are unintentionally grinding your teeth, clenching them, or doing both. Over time, it leads to serious problems and side effects,… Read more »