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Embarrassing Smile Stuff You Shouldn’t Ignore 

Sometimes, smile stuff comes up. Things you’re worried about. Details that probably require our Southlake, TX team’s attention. However, you’re embarrassed about it, which leaves you feeling like you’re not sure about what to do. Come in to see us for a dental checkup, even though you feel very shy and hesitant about it? Or,… Read more »

Listen Up: Your Breath Is Talking To You!

Of course, as you breathe, inhaling and then exhaling, you’re more likely to realize something is wrong by catching a quick whiff of your breath! However, let’s pretend for a moment that as you breathe, your breath is actually speaking to you, so in addition to paying attention with your nose, you may need to… Read more »

4 Questions And 4 Answers: Your Tongue!

If there’s ever been a particular part of one’s oral health that is often a bit misunderstood but that most certainly requires just as much care and attention as any other, it’s your tongue! As a result, you may have what feels like a backlog of a long list of questions you have never asked… Read more »

3 Things You’re Actually Saying When You Don’t Floss

When you’re not flossing, it’s an active decision to not pick up a container of dental floss, tear off a strand, and clean between your teeth as part of your daily dental hygiene. You may think of this as something you just don’t really want to do and, as a result, you don’t consider the… Read more »

Details On: Bad Breath, Okay Breath, Wonderful Breath

When you think about the spectrum of breath that you can experience based on scent, there are a few general categories that everyone can quickly agree upon. You’ve got your bad breath, your okay breath, and your wonderful breath! While you may not think about this too much, there may be moments during which you… Read more »

Holiday Breath: What’s The Problem?

Not really feeling interested in having an awkward exchange under the mistletoe as a result of your bad breath? We can certainly understand! When the holiday fun begins to unfold and you realize either on the days leading up to Christmas or on the big day itself that you’ve got breath that is anything but… Read more »

Here Come The Weddings! Why See Us Today?

The second the weather is no longer chilly, the invitations for weddings start rolling in! Or, of course, your plans for your own wedding are wrapping up and the big day is steadily approaching. Whether you’re attending someone else’s or gearing up for your own, there’s always a list of things you need to get… Read more »

Bad Breath: 2 Connections You’re Not Making

You might feel like you try and try but nothing works as you try to get rid of your bad breath. Unfortunately, you may simply not be making some connections between a particular habit, behavior, belief, or problem, and the fact that it may be the reason behind your not-so-lovely breath. Let us introduce some… Read more »

Speaking: Is Your Smile Getting In The Way?

As you know, your smile is an essential tool when it comes to speaking. It’s a substantial part of how you form your words! So, how might it be getting in the way of your speaking? Perhaps you are unhappy with the way it looks, so talking with someone in close range is causing you… Read more »

Your Breath Problems: Quick Facts

Bad breath is one of those things that can really cause serious frustration. You think it’s caused by something in particular but then, after the appropriate efforts, you find that your problem still exists! What to do now, you wonder? Why on earth won’t your mouth just get back to smelling fresh again? We are… Read more »