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Details On: Bad Breath, Okay Breath, Wonderful Breath

When you think about the spectrum of breath that you can experience based on scent, there are a few general categories that everyone can quickly agree upon. You’ve got your bad breath, your okay breath, and your wonderful breath! While you may not think about this too much, there may be moments during which you… Read more »

Holiday Breath: What’s The Problem?

Not really feeling interested in having an awkward exchange under the mistletoe as a result of your bad breath? We can certainly understand! When the holiday fun begins to unfold and you realize either on the days leading up to Christmas or on the big day itself that you’ve got breath that is anything but… Read more »

Here Come The Weddings! Why See Us Today?

The second the weather is no longer chilly, the invitations for weddings start rolling in! Or, of course, your plans for your own wedding are wrapping up and the big day is steadily approaching. Whether you’re attending someone else’s or gearing up for your own, there’s always a list of things you need to get… Read more »

Your Breath Problems: Quick Facts

Bad breath is one of those things that can really cause serious frustration. You think it’s caused by something in particular but then, after the appropriate efforts, you find that your problem still exists! What to do now, you wonder? Why on earth won’t your mouth just get back to smelling fresh again? We are… Read more »

Bad Breath? This Q&A Can Help!

If you regularly feel self-conscious about your breath, are tired of people slowly backing away from you during conversations, or are tired of being too afraid to make a move on that cutie across the bar because you know how bad your breath is, you’re not alone. In fact, about a quarter of the population… Read more »

Questions, Answers, And Dry Mouth

Yes, it’s true, dry mouth is an oral health problem that is real and that has real consequences. While you might think that this disorder is linked only to a certain age group, it’s actually something that can happen to you, your parent, your child, your grandparent … just about anyone. So, how to begin… Read more »

Mystery Minute: What Causes Bad Breath?

Do you like a good mystery?  Are you the one who guesses the bad guy in the first few minutes of a movie or TV show? Solving imaginary mysteries can be a great diversion, but confronting the real life mystery of bad breath is serious business. There are many causes for bad breath, and all of… Read more »