What to Do About a Failed Dental Filling

When you think of a dental emergency, you might automatically think of a cracked, broken, or knocked out tooth. If your tooth has a filling and it’s damaged or knocked out, then the injury can also constitute an emergency as your tooth’s interior becomes exposed and vulnerable to infection. Aside from restoring and protecting teeth,… Read more »

A New Way to Treat Gum Disease

Treating gum disease is one of the most important aspects of professional dental care for many people. Left to its own devices, gingival infection slowly destroys your gums and the underlying jawbone structure that support your teeth. Patients who wait to seek treatment often lose one or more teeth for their hesitation, and others might… Read more »

Why Don’t Cracked Teeth Heal?

Take a moment to consider the scars (if any) on your hands, knuckles, arms, legs, torso, elbows, knees, and anywhere else that’s applicable. Depending on the injury, you may not have had to do much more than sterilize it and wait for it to heal. If a bone was broken, then it should have healed… Read more »

How Braces Work, and Why You Might Not Need Them

Some of the most common dental health issues, like cavities and early gum disease, are often detected by your dentist when you attend a routine checkup and cleaning. While you probably don’t have to be a dental professional to recognize that your teeth are crooked, a thorough consultation with Dr. Gregory Wright can help determine… Read more »

The Story of Gum Disease

Once upon a time, a group of small, almost completely unnoticeable lifeforms settled along the soft, pink tissue you call your gums. As they witnessed their kind driven out of their comfortable new home, these microbes decided they wanted to stay, so they devised a way to evade your body’s natural defenses against them. These… Read more »

The Molecular Battle for Your Teeth

Your smile looks great! It’s bright, it’s shiny, and it’s free of cosmetic blemishes, like stains and discoloration. Yet, every day, your teeth fight a battle against usually-unseen forces that threaten to destroy them. Fortunately, modern dental hygiene products and techniques are designed to aid your teeth in their fight, either by strengthening them or… Read more »

Dr. Wright—Best Dentist for Best of Southlake 2014!

Every year, Southlake and the surrounding communities rate their local businesses by voting for the Best of Southlake. This year, thanks to the love and loyalty of our patients, Dr. Gregory Wright has been awarded the Best Dentist for the Best of Southlake 2014! Though we pride ourselves on helping patients enjoy their beautiful, healthy… Read more »

When Crooked Teeth are Only Cosmetic

When a patient’s teeth are crooked, Dr. Wright ensures that the patient understands the complications of malocclusion and the options available for correcting them. Serious cases of malocclusion may require orthodontic braces consisting of metal or tooth-colored plastic brackets and wires. Often, however, Dr. Wright can help our older teen and adult patients correct crooked… Read more »

A Good Reason to Stop Snoring

Your sleeping partner’s glares and complaints about the noise should be a good reason to try and stop snoring. If you don’t sleep with a partner, however, that doesn’t mean that your snoring habit is harmless. The noise is caused by a restriction in your breathing that forces the walls in your throat to vibrate…. Read more »

Teeth-Grinding–Yes, It’s a Problem

Bruxism, or the habit of constantly grinding your teeth together, is more common than many people suspect, and more dangerous than some bruxers (people who grind their teeth) realize. When Dr. Wright examines your mouth during your routine dental checkup, one of the things he searches for is signs of damage that can indicate a… Read more »