Questions About Sedation Dentistry

Do you feel a bit apprehensive about an upcoming dental treatment, or about visiting your dentist in general? A little anxiety is common when it comes to extensive dental procedures, but for many people, it’s also frequent to grow restless at the mere thought of sitting in the dentist’s chair. From helping you relax to… Read more »

How to Benefit from Laser Dentistry

Home entertainment and personal devices aren’t the only area in which technology is constantly evolving. When it comes to your dental care, we strive to provide technologically advanced treatments that make your visit more pleasant, more comfortable, and less of a burden on your busy schedule. To that end, laser dentistry techniques allow us to… Read more »

How to Tell if You Need Root Canal Therapy

Dental health sometimes requires a bit of detective work. If your tooth hurts, then an examination could tell you why. If your teeth need treatment, then further investigation can determine how severe your condition is, and which restorative treatment options are appropriate. Sometimes, you can play your own dental detective, and gauge whether or not… Read more »

FAQs About Tooth Extractions

Compared to other restorative dentistry options, tooth extraction isn’t exactly a popular procedure, although it is more common than many people realize. Typically, the point of taking care of your teeth is to avoid losing them, but there are times when extracting the tooth is preferable to trying to save it. To help you understand,… Read more »

Reasons for Dental Implant Failure

Ideally, your adult teeth should last for a lifetime. If they don’t, however, then dental implants may offer the most comprehensive and lifelike restorations by providing a replacement for your lost teeth’s roots. Though highly-effective, there are several reasons for dental implant failure, which can lead to further damage to surrounding bone and tissues and… Read more »

Are Teeth Stains Inevitable?

If you’re a stickler for good hygiene, and take pride in keeping your teeth clean and healthy, then you might be more than a little dismayed to notice that they’re beginning to look less spectacular than they used to. Their color may be fading, or perhaps one or more of your teeth have developed noticeable… Read more »

Are Toothpicks Safe for Your Teeth?

Did you know that toothpicks were invented long before primitive forms of toothpaste and toothbrushes? Their simple design and ease of use made early toothpicks an almost obvious solution to cleaning teeth. However, even with today’s modern materials and advanced designs, over-reliance on toothpick use can lead to serious trouble for your teeth and gums. Though… Read more »

Would You Know if You Were Grinding Your Teeth?

We like to think we know ourselves better than anyone else, including what physical and dental health issues we may be going through. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case; certain illnesses and conditions can manifest without your knowledge, remaining unnoticed until their consequences become apparent. Habitually grinding your teeth—also known as bruxism—can often be that… Read more »

Treating the Stages of Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is more common than you might think. Although cavities are commonly thought of as a children’s disease, over 90% of adults have had a cavity in their permanent teeth. That number doesn’t account for the other stages of tooth decay that require more or less treatment, depending on severity. To fight what some… Read more »

The Warning Signs of Gum Disease

Protecting your smile from gum disease, the leading cause of adult tooth loss, is one of the most important aspects of good dental hygiene and care. Allow it to develop, and ignore it as it progresses, and gum disease can wreak irreversible damage to the foundational structures that support your teeth. If you seek treatment… Read more »