Your 2019 Easter Event!

Here we are again! Another year and another over-the-top egg-citing Easter In The Park Event for 2019! Reach for your calendar, make sure you mark off the date, and announce it to your friends and family! As always, this is going to be a Southlake, TX community Easter celebration where you’ll create some smile-filled memories!… Read more »

A Few Cool Things About Bruxism Treatment

When you’re just learning about bruxism, which generally means you’re either grinding your teeth chronically (or clenching them … or both), you can find the topic of bruxism treatment to be mysterious at best. You’re already dealing with the fact that you’ve likely been performing a habit you don’t even realize you’re doing and it’s… Read more »

Storytelling Club For Kids

Do your kids love telling you stories? Perhaps you notice that they are completely fine speaking in front of you but when they have to get up in front of others to share a thought, presentation for school, a story, etc., they tend to get a bit nervous or tongue-tied. Ah, yes, the wonders of… Read more »