Event: Advanced Course In Body Language

Following our Southlake, TX Chamber of Commerce’s monthly luncheon, which includes a presentation by speaker and Body Language Expert, Traci Brown, you are invited to gain valuable information from Brown with an Advanced Course in Body Language! Have you always been curious about what makes some individuals so good at reading what others are thinking,… Read more »

Stop! Replace Smile Myths With Facts This Instant! 

There are smile myths you might hear that you immediately recognize as sounding not-quite-right. Then, there are those tall tales you might unintentionally end up carrying around with you as knowledge that you believe because they sounded reasonable enough. Remember, when you’re not sure about something, it’s always smart to run it by our Southlake,… Read more »

It’s Game Night At The Library 2019!  

What’s that? It’s been a while since you’ve enjoyed a game night and you wonder what happened. You used to play board games all the time but it seems like it’s been a while. Maybe you cannot seem to get everyone together on the same night. Or, your collection of games could use some sprucing… Read more »

4 Questions And 4 Answers: Your Tongue!

If there’s ever been a particular part of one’s oral health that is often a bit misunderstood but that most certainly requires just as much care and attention as any other, it’s your tongue! As a result, you may have what feels like a backlog of a long list of questions you have never asked… Read more »