Is It Time to Have Your Toothache Checked?

Toothaches occur for different reasons. Since people use their mouths for speaking, eating, and smiling, teeth undergo heavy weathering. The amount of substances that pass through the mouth is overwhelming. To put it in perspective, let’s examine the different ingredients and properties of a typical cheese burger; the burger patty contains fat and sodium, the… Read more »

Knock on Your Dentist’s Door After a Tooth Gets Knocked Out

Accidents happen. Even if your lifestyle isn’t very active, your tooth might still be accidentally knocked out due to a traumatic injury. There are plenty of incidents where a tooth could be knocked out of its socket: a rogue elbow on the basketball court; an accidental face-plant on a slippery pool-side; or even a forceful… Read more »

“Oh No, I Chipped a Tooth!”

In movies and skit comedy shows, someone tripping over their own feet and chipping a tooth can be humorous (if written into the script properly). After the show, however, the comedian can take off the makeup and walk off stage or camera with a full set of whole, healthy teeth. In life, where dental damage… Read more »

The Risks of a Knocked-Out Tooth Filling

Chances are, you have at least one dental filling in your teeth, or are close to someone who has had one placed. After all, cavities affect over 90% of adults in the US, and dental fillings are among the most common restorations for treating mild to moderate tooth decay. Even if you have a severe… Read more »

The Science of Smiling

A smile is universal; it can surpass language barriers to portray a variety of expressions, like joy, acceptance, and agreement, and it can influence the way others perceive you in general. If you’re smiling right now, you might recognize the good feeling it induces, and don’t need scientific research to tell you that it can… Read more »

Go Coconuts for Cavity Research

Coconuts are usually thought of as a tropical treat, but it is Irish scientists who have focused on the oil from coconuts as a possible powerhouse in dental health. The researchers from Athlone Institute of Technology zeroed in on coconut oil in relation to cavities. As it turns out, coconut oil holds compounds which inhibit… Read more »

Three Serious Consequences of Severe Gum Disease

Tooth loss is an extreme consequence for most dental health issues, like cavities, gum disease, and sometimes, malocclusion (crooked teeth). In the case of gum disease, however, tooth loss isn’t the last consequence of neglect. In fact, its most severe form, known as periodontitis, has been linked to numerous ongoing health issues, mainly due to… Read more »

Is Your Tooth Decaying?

Decay means to deteriorate, or rot, and might seem extreme when describing a mere cavity. The truth, though, is that decay is exactly what happens when bacteria are allowed to infect your tooth structure, which causes a cavity, or hole, to form. As a progressive issue, tooth decay can slowly consume your entire tooth if… Read more »

Cosmetic or Functional?—The Truth About Crooked Teeth

If you notice that your teeth are crooked and it affects your smile’s appearance, you might be inclined to straighten them for your confidence’s sake. If you’re told that you have to wear braces for at least a couple of years, however, then you might reconsider. For children, braces are frequently needed to help guide… Read more »