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When You Miss A Spot During Brushing: 3 Backups! 

When you brush your teeth, which is something our Southlake, TX team hopes you’re accomplishing every single day, twice a day, you are thoroughly cleansing your smile with the help of a soft-bristle toothbrush and toothpaste! Well, hopefully you’re getting a thorough cleansing. However, you may wonder: What if you accidentally miss a small spot… Read more »

DIY Beauty Event 

Wish you could find a way to rely more seriously on natural beauty products? Wish you could go so far as to make your very own, so you really knew what you were using in your beauty ritual? Well, then, don’t forget that attending the upcoming DIY Beauty event might be everything you’ve been hoping… Read more »

Dealing With TMJ Disorder? We Can Help!

Are you dealing with the common yet uncomfortable problem known as TMJ disorder, which causes your jaw joints to feel exhausted, to hurt, to function less effectively, and more? If so. You may not really know what to do. For starters, we remind you that our Southlake, TX team is here to help! While you… Read more »

Flossing: Things You Can Easily Improve

As you are well aware, your preventive care is of the utmost importance in your daily life. When you’re skipping out on the details, you’re not doing a thorough job. When your job is only partially done, you’re leaving behind plaque and you’re opening the door for serious problems to affect your smile. Why not… Read more »

Stars & Stripes 2019

It’s almost time! You know what we’re talking about: Time for the amazing, filled-with-fun, over-the-top, celebratory extravaganza that is our own Southlake, TX community’s Stars & Stripes event! When our friends and neighbors celebrate Independence Day, we really go for it! Don’t miss out on the upcoming festivities that will keep you and your family… Read more »