A Quiz: Comprehensive Family Dentistry

How much do you really know about family dentistry? Do you assume that we only focus on keeping your teeth and gums clean? If you’re not quite sure about the extent to which our services will protect your smile and supportive structures, we suggest you learn a bit more. Bringing up particular inquiries during your checkups and cleanings is, of course, a wonderful decision. For now, however, we encourage you to become familiar with the basics with a fun quiz.

True or False Quiz: Family Dentistry

  1. True or False: The only type of family dentistry we practice is related to hygiene. If the issue does not directly relate to the health of your teeth and gums, you may need a specialist.
  2. True or False: Family dentistry refers to the fact that we offer dental care to every member of your family, from elder patients down to the youngsters who require pediatric care.
  3. True or False: An essential aspect of family care is ensuring Mom and Dad can sleep comfortably through the night if they have been displaying signs of snoring or sleep apnea.

Quiz Answers

  1. False. While we do focus on teeth and gum health, family dentistry also addresses what we call “functional problems” like bruxism (teeth grinding and/or teeth clenching).
  2. True. We offer comprehensive, gentle, compassionate care to patients of all ages – we take particular care to promote an optimistic, relaxed environment for children who are just becoming acclimated with professional dental care.
  3. True. Our family dental care even includes sleep apnea (and snoring) therapy, which we can address with the use of a noninvasive, comfortable oral appliance.