3 Ways To Enjoy A Stain-Free Smile

You may worry most about ending up with a stained smile above all else! Sure, you aren’t too thrilled with the idea of cavities or any other problem but what you really hope is that you can maintain not only a healthy smile but also one that looks vivid and lovely! With that said, our Southlake, TX team is so happy to inform you that achieving this goal (which you may think of as a rare feat) is so much easier than you have probably imagined! Consider important details that will allow you to very easily stay the course.

#1: Avoid Things That Cause Stains

One very obvious way to avoid stains? Avoid those things that cause smile stains! Of course, we realize that this may seem apparent but it’s actually easy to overlook sometimes. While we don’t expect you to give up any and all foods or drinks that may have strong pigments in them, we do remind you to keep this in mind. In addition, remember that if you are drinking an orange soda, you can also try to limit the time that it is in contact with your teeth. It’s all about limiting contact, so pigments don’t simply rest on your dental tissue, where they will eventually lead to discoloration.

#2: Remove Stain Causers From Your Teeth ASAP

As mentioned, it’s not just about avoiding foods and drinks that can cause smile stains. It’s about quickly removing them from your smile if they come into contact with your teeth. One very easy way to do this? Aside from just limiting staining foods, remember to rinse with water. If you drink coffee, follow it with water. If you eat a staining candy, follow it with water. Even better? Wait about a half hour after rinsing and then brush and floss. It’s simple yet highly effective.

#3: Treat Stains Once They Develop!

Sometimes, stains happen no matter what you do. Remember, you really use your teeth and you use them every day of your life. Eventually, it’s normal to end up with a bit of wear and tear, which can include teeth that don’t look at bright white as you would prefer. When this happens, we offer cosmetic care to help you say goodbye to discoloration and hello to the vibrant grin you’re envisioning. Talk with us about teeth whitening (and more) if you’re ready!

Protect Your Smile From Discoloration!

Take our many tips into consideration when one of your top goals is keeping your smile bright and vibrant. Let us know if you are interested in brightening your grin through cosmetic care by calling us soon! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.