3 Tips For Effective Family Dentistry

We offer family dentistry for every member of your family. Rest assured, we are fully aware that your needs may differ dramatically from those of your little one in certain instances, which is why we provide thoughtful care geared toward each patient. However, we have some positive news: When it comes to keeping up with the oral health of your whole crew, there are some easy-to-follow tips that will assist you in streamlining your efforts. Give these thoughts a quick glance and consider putting them to good use – your smiles will benefit!

Tip #1: Brush (And Floss) Together

Chances are good – particularly with younger children – that leaving your children to their own brushing and flossing may lead to some less-than-desirable results. This might include anything from a pile of unwound dental floss on the floor to teeth that are only half-brushed (or even swallowed toothpaste). Do yourself and your children a favor and practice brushing and flossing together. It will give you the chance to oversee your child’s development, while your little one feels like hygiene time is special.

Tip #2: Don’t Be Afraid To Call Us

Do you have questions? Are you trying to figure out how on earth to schedule family dentistry visits for yourself, your children, and your significant other but it’s causing you some serious stress? Simply remember that we are happy to take your calls and help you with your needs, whether you need assistance with scheduling a visit or you have questions about payments and insurance.

Tip #3: Remember – You Can Ask For Sedation

A major benefit of family dentistry is that we practice with compassion and commitment to promoting comfort. As a result, we offer sedation for all members of the family. Remember to speak with us for yourself or on behalf of your child if nerves are getting the best of you.