Professional Teeth Cleanings Help You Maintain Your Smile

smiling redhead in glasses happy with her healthy smileEach day, you should dedicate time and effort into cleaning your teeth. When you take this responsibility seriously, you can effectively stop the buildup of plaque, which means you can prevent tartar deposits from forming and raising your risk for dental problems. You can make sure your smile remains healthy by sticking to a daily routine of flossing, along with brushing twice a day. The right behaviors (along with smart diet choices) can help you preserve healthy, lovely teeth! With that said, remember that you should also take advantage of your access to regular dental checkups to ensure your smile remains in good shape. At our Southlake, TX dentist’s office, patients are given an evaluation along with a professional teeth cleaning. The cleaning is important because it clears away harmful debris that you might have missed when brushing and flossing, including tartar deposits that can resist your daily care efforts.

How Are Professional Cleanings Different From Brushing And Flossing?

When you perform your brushing and flossing tasks well, you can keep food particles and bacteria from gathering in your mouth. Unfortunately, one thing you are not able to do when you clean your teeth yourself is remove tartar deposits that have formed. Any tartar buildup you have will remain until the next time your teeth are professionally cleaned. If tartar deposits are not removed, they continue to make you vulnerable to problems with tooth decay as well as gum disease.

Do You Have Tartar Deposits On Your Smile?

If you leave any plaque deposits behind while brushing and flossing, you run the risk for letting tartar develop. This substance forms when plaque buildup dries and hardens, a process that can take little time. If you want to make sure this does not occur, you should be committed to a thorough brushing and flossing routine. The following tips can help you stay on top of your oral care needs:

  • Brush for at least two minutes, and work to reach every area of your smile when you do so
  • Floss on a daily basis to make sure that the spaces between your teeth are effectively cleaned
  • Replace a toothbrush when the bristles start to wear down, and make sure you do not use one for more than three months
  • Confirm that you are using a toothpaste with fluoride

Other Benefits To Regular Dental Exams

Dental exams are concerned with more than just cleaning your teeth – these appointments also give your dentist the opportunity to check you for any oral health issues. During an evaluation, troubles with gingivitis can be identified, as well as problems with tooth decay. If a cavity is caught before you start to feel discomfort, it can be treated with the appropriate restorative dental work before it worsens and causes more severe problems.

Schedule Your Next Teeth Cleaning At Our Southlake, TX Dentist’s Office

If you want to ensure that your smile remains in good health, take advantage of preventive dental services that include consistent teeth cleanings.

Call our Southlake Dental Office to make an appointment with a dentist who may be able to help you find out more about this topic, and improve your oral health.