Is There A Way To Control Your Teeth Grinding Issues?

When you grind your teeth, you can put pressure on your jaw joints and muscles that can lead to recurring issues with pain and stiffness. You can also wear down your dental enamel, which can lead to issues with sensitivity, soreness, and even permanent damage! What can you do to stop yourself from experiencing these problems? This issue, known as bruxism, can be difficult to fully manage on your own, as you may be grinding or clenching while you sleep. To stop damage from occurring, your Southlake, TX dentist can provide a bruxism appliance to keep your teeth apart at night. You can also take care to reduce issues with grinding by addressing this habit while awake, and by making changes to certain daily behaviors.

Nightly Teeth Grinding Can Be A Serious Problem

If you are unconsciously grinding or clenching your teeth while you sleep, you can wind up doing serious harm to your smile. Chips and cracks in your enamel may occur, and you can experience unwelcome changes to your appearance thanks to general wear and tear. If the damages become too serious, you may wind up needing restorative dental work! Relatively minor damages can be addressed through cosmetic dental work.

Adjustments In Your Daily Life Can Help You Address Teeth Grinding

If you know that you have an occasional habit of grinding or clenching your jaw during the day, work to wean yourself off of this habit. Cutting back on daytime grinding can make you less likely to do it at night. Other changes include finding a new, more comfortable sleep position, and cutting out alcohol and caffeine. Bruxism is often tied to stressful episodes. Being conscious of this, and working on stress relief before bed, can also be beneficial.

A Custom Appliance Can Keep Teeth Safe If Grinding Is A Persistent Issue

If you are already showing signs of dental damage, if you regularly feel pain or stiffness in your jaw, or if you worry about breaking a tooth, you can talk to your dentist about receiving a bruxism appliance. The appliance is a custom-made guard that you put in place before going to bed. When worn, it can keep your teeth apart, and reduce pressure created by grinding and chewing. This can lead to positive changes in your quality of life while also protecting you from potential damage!

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