What Can I Do To Prevent Tooth Loss Later In Life?

You feel confident in your smile today, but will you always be able to look in the mirror and see a set of bright, healthy teeth? Your approach to daily oral care can impact your chances of maintaining your smile well into the future. This can be true when it comes to your risk for teeth stains, and for wear and tear that might change your appearance. Smart preventive care can also be important if you want to protect yourself against future tooth loss. You might not realize it, but gum disease can actually pose the biggest threat to you when it comes to losing teeth. Our Southlake, TX dentist’s office can help you manage your periodontal and dental health through dental exams and cleanings. With that said, remember that the work you put into cleaning your smile at home can help you stay safe against gingivitis.

Gum Disease Can Lead To Problems With Tooth Loss

Why should you worry about gum disease if you want to prevent tooth loss? When gingivitis forms, it can cause problems like gum line recession, periodontal bleeding, and even some swelling and discoloration of tissues. You are able to fight gingivitis through effective oral hygiene practices that address bacteria at your gum line. If you respond in time and effectively, the condition can be addressed and your gums can be restored. However, if you are not able to address the matter in time, the condition can worsen, which can lead to significant damage to the tissues that hold your teeth in place. When too much damage occurs, you may need to undergo prosthetic dental work before you can show off your complete smile again.

Make Sure You Maintain A Consistent Oral Care Routine

Daily behaviors can be important for anyone who wants to maintain their oral health. Oral bacteria can gather throughout the day and multiply, creating risks for tooth decay and gingivitis. Brush for at least two minutes twice a day, and floss once a day, if you want to clear out those harmful microbes before they cause problems for you. To ensure your routine is effective, the following practices can be important:

  • Make sure you replace a toothbrush after three months, or when its bristles look worn
  • Confirm that you are only using ADA-approved toothpaste brands
  • Make sure you pass your brush over your gum line, and bring your floss down to your gums in order to fully clean the areas between teeth
  • Correct problems with teeth grinding to stop wear and tear from weakening your enamel

Your Southlake, TX Dentist Can Help You Prevent Dental Problems

At our Southlake, TX dentist’s office, individuals who worry about future problems like tooth decay and tooth loss can benefit from access to consistent preventive dental care. If you have questions about our services, or if you think something might be wrong with your smile, call our Southlake dental practice at (817) 481-7999.