Can Your Age Affect How Vulnerable You Are To Cavities?

While aging can introduce some unavoidable changes in a person’s health, good habits and behaviors can help you do an effective job maintaining your general well-being. The right habits and behaviors can also help you deal with your dental health specifically. By maintaining good periodontal health, you are less likely to experience tooth loss later in life. Protecting your teeth against decay and wear and tear while you are younger can help you keep stronger teeth over time. Our Southlake, TX dentist’s office can help patients in different age groups care for their smiles. This means providing support for patients who want to avoid dental problems in their later years, but it also reflects a commitment to providing care for younger patients during pediatric dental visits.

Issues That Can Put Kids At Risk For Tooth Decay

Your kids may be more vulnerable to cavities than you because they are not as good at keeping up with their oral hygiene, or because they consume more sweets. Your oversight and support can keep them from having excess sugar in their diet, and it can help them learn how to effectively brush and floss their teeth. At pediatric exams, kids receive both education and general preventive dental care. This combination of services can help them grow up with lovely, healthy teeth!

Gradual Changes Over Time May Affect Your Cavity Risk

General wear and tear can gradually affect the quality of a person’s smile, as the loss of layers of enamel can reveal more of the dentin underneath. If this wear and tear weakens your teeth, it may be harder for you to prevent cavities from forming. What this means is a formerly effective smile care regimen no longer prevents the formation of cavities. If you are having a harder time avoiding dental fillings or dental crowns at appointments, talk with your dentist about how you can change your approach to smile care.

A Good Oral Hygiene Regimen Is Beneficial At Every Age

Throughout a person’s life, the approach they take to caring for their teeth can be important. If you want your kids to grow up with healthy, happy smiles, give them guidance on how they should be brushing and flossing, bring them to the dentist’s office for exams, and encourage smart eating habits. For your own smile’s sake, be consistent about oral and periodontal care in order to avoid problems that can affect you as you age.

Our Southlake,TX Dentist’s Office Can Work With Patients Of All Ages

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