Are You In Pain When You Try To Bite And Chew Food?

The quality of your bite can impact your life in multiple ways. Any sort of persistent discomfort is something you would probably prefer to avoid, but issues that interfere with your dental function can feel particularly frustrating. If the pain is serious enough, it may have already led to unwelcome changes in your diet. Our Southlake, TX dentist’s office recognizes just how intrusive dental pain can be, and we are prepared to help you address the matter. If you have problems with a specific tooth, it may be a sign that you are struggling with an infection that calls for restorative dental work. If the pain is more general, it may be due to a problem like bruxism, which can cause problems for your teeth as well as your jaw.

Bring Up Issues With Tooth Pain To Your Dentist

By bringing up matters that concern dental pain and sensitivity, you can have problems identified and treated so that they no longer interfere with your life. If your discomfort is serious enough, it may even be something worth addressing as a dental emergency. When it comes to oral health matters, you can put yourself at risk if you try to ignore symptoms in the hopes they go away on their own. Doing this can allow something like a tooth infection to worsen, which can lead to further complications and may even cause you to lose your tooth! The sooner you say something about your troubles, the sooner you can find out if you need a root canal procedure or other treatment to restore your oral health.

Has A Teeth Grinding Habit Affected Your Bite Function?

You can struggle to maintain a healthy, confident bite because of bruxism, which refers to a habit of teeth grinding. Grinding and clenching your during the day can be concerning enough, but this problem can be particularly harmful if you are grinding at night, as there is no way to consciously cut the habit out. Teeth that are damaged by bruxism may require dental crowns, as they can become badly chipped or cracked in time. The pressure from grinding can also have a negative effect on your jaw joints and muscles.

Bite Problems Can Affect Your Oral And General Health

If you start to find it difficult to bite or chew food, you may struggle to enjoy a truly healthy diet. Frequent bouts of discomfort can also lead to stress, which can affect your general mood as well as your health. The sooner you take your concerns up with your dentist, the sooner you can remove this serious source of frustration from your life!

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