Use These Tips To Encourage Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth

Your Southlake, TX dentist’s office can provide important dental health support for your kids. At every visit, children receive careful preventive dental health support that can match the kind of care that adults receive during their dental exams. They also enjoy helpful lessons that can encourage them to develop good oral hygiene habits. Of course, one thing your dentist is not able to do is observe your kids when they brush and floss their teeth at home. Fortunately, this is something parents can easily do! Between their dental checkups, make sure you are encouraging your kids to do a good job cleaning their teeth. By offering education and support, you can help them maintain behaviors that protect them against tooth decay!

Find Ways To Make Brushing More Fun

What can you do to make brushing more fun for kids? One thing to consider is letting them select their own toothbrush at the store. The shelves with kids’ toothbrushes is likely to have several that feature images of popular characters, which can appeal to youngsters. You can also show your support by joining them when they clean their teeth.

Show Your Kids That You Take Brushing Seriously, Too

Making brushing and flossing family activities is about more than just watching your kids to verify that they are actually cleaning their teeth. Being present for this activity can make it more fun for children while also giving you a chance to show off your approach to smile care. Modeling good habits can give them guidance, plus it shows them that you also care about keeping your smile safe against problems that demand restorative dental work. If you feel uncertain about modeling these behaviors for your kids, it may be a sign that you should step up your own approach to oral care.

Set A Timer For Their Smile Care Routine

One important piece of information you should convey to your kids is the need to be thorough with brushing. Brushing should take at least two minutes if you want to effectively keep plaque and tartar off your teeth. If you want to make sure your kids are comfortable brushing for this amount of time, put a timer in their bathroom. When they know they are supposed to brush until the timer goes off, they can feel encouraged to keep brushing so they are sure that they have done a good job.

Your Southlake, TX Dentist Can Help Your Kids Maintain Healthy Teeth

At our Southlake, TX dentist’s office, we are proud to provide important oral health services to patients of all ages. Your kids can be particularly benefited by preventive care, as visits provide care as well as opportunities for instruction. You can contact Wright Smiles in Southlake, TX at (817) 481-7999 to schedule an appointment.