Receiving Care For Your Chipped Or Cracked Tooth

While cavities are a common cause of damage to a person’s enamel, physical harm can also make it necessary for you to schedule restorative dental treatment. While the enamel that protects our teeth is a remarkably tough substance, it is not indestructible. Unfortunately, it is also limited in how much it can naturally recover from damage. Our Southlake, TX dentist’s office is ready to help you take on a problem with your dental health if one arises. Through the placement of a dental crown, we can make sure that a damaged tooth is not at risk for infection or further damage.

Have Your Injury Treated Before Your Tooth’s Condition Worsens

It is important to take any tooth problem seriously, but you should be particularly concerned about damage that could worsen over time. You may have a difficult time biting and chewing food because of an injury, as you could be in pain. You may also worry that the tooth might break even more, creating more trouble for your oral health. Treating a physical injury like a priority can ensure that you have the work you need before you have complications to worry about.

A Chipped Or Cracked Tooth Can Be Vulnerable To Infection

A chipped or cracked tooth can be at risk for more than just further physical harm. A cracked tooth in particular can be a concern because you may develop an infection! If bacteria are able to enter your tooth, they can accumulate and spread while damaging the living tissues housed within it. If nothing is done in time, a tooth can become so badly affected that it must be extracted. If there is a concern that your tooth might be infected, we can perform a root canal procedure to take care of it. After a root canal, you can be confident that your tooth’s health is no longer in danger, and you can be free of any lingering pain or sensitivity.

Your Dentist Can Make Sure Your Tooth Is Protected After Injury

A permanent restoration will be called for if your tooth is not able to absorb biting and chewing pressure. With a custom dental crown, we can make sure that there is not a concern about infection or damage. The crown is carefully made to fit in place so that you are comfortable with it, and comfortable putting pressure on it when biting, chewing, or talking.

Your Southlake, TX Dentist Can Restore Your Chipped Or Cracked Tooth

Our Southlake, TX dentist’s office is proud to provide a range of beneficial dental services for patients in need of restorative work. If your tooth is physically damaged, we can arrange a root canal procedure and dental crown placement to fully care for it! To find out more about the services we offer, contact Wright Smiles in Southlake, TX at (817) 481-7999.