A Painful Toothache May Not Go Away On Its Own

If you have a problem with a toothache, it might be nice to have the problem go away on its own. While discomfort after a dental injury can be short-lived, a more significant injury might leave you with lasting pain. You can also find that a toothache without an obvious cause can remain for an extended period of time. Pain like this can be a sign that something is really wrong with the health of your tooth, and that you should seek restorative dental treatment. Our Southlake, TX dentist’s office is prepared to work with you if you have a toothache that is not subsiding. After an examination, we can determine how to best move forward in order to fully treat and restore your oral health!

What Causes A Person To Experience A Toothache?

You may have a toothache because of a cavity that has gone untreated. If the matter is serious enough to cause you pain, it can be a sign that an infection has formed. Infections occur when tooth decay is not caught in time to prevent bacteria from entering the interior of a tooth. If you have pain that does not go away after a physical injury, it could be a sign that your tooth is cracked, or has been damaged in a way that affects its interior health.

Arranging Treatment For Dental Pain

If you are in persistent pain, the solution may come in the form of root canal therapy. Through root canal treatment, an infected tooth’s health can be restored through the removal of damaged tissue and bacteria in your pulp. Once the removal occurs, the pulp is sealed before a dental crown is put in place.

It is important to act if you think you might need a root canal procedure. If the problem is allowed to continue unresolved, the tooth’s health could deteriorate to a point where your dentist has to perform an extraction.

How Will Treatment Affect Your Smile?

It can be alarming to think your smile might be permanently changed by an oral health issue. Fortunately, there are modern dental fillings and dental crowns that can protect teeth without affecting the way they look! Both can be made from materials that imitate the appearance of healthy tooth structure. Because of this, you can feel comfortable with the way you look even if you have a restoration in a prominent area.

Your Southlake, TX Dentist Is Prepared To Help You Deal With A Toothache

Your Southlake, TX dentist’s office has experience working with patients who are struggling with dental pain. If you are growing concerned about a toothache, you can reach out to schedule an appointment. For more information, contact Wright Smiles in Southlake, TX at (817) 481-7999.