Tell Your Family Dentist About Your Toothache

You stop enjoying certain foods and drinks because they cause your sensitive tooth to ache. You begin to change how you bite and chew to avoid putting pressure on it. You find yourself reaching for the aspirin because that tooth is becoming persistently painful no matter what you do. Rather than try to live with frequent discomfort, tell your Southlake, TX dentist that you have a problem with a toothache. The problem can be treated through restorative dental work so that it no longer bothers you, and you can once again bite and chew without discomfort. If you choose to keep ignoring the problem, you can actually let the issue worsen to the point that your tooth has to be extracted!

A Toothache Can Be A Warning That Your Tooth Is In Poor Health

When your tooth is painful or sensitive, it is a sign that something is wrong. If you have no idea why the problem has arisen, it could be due to tooth decay – a cavity can be painless at first, but it will worsen steadily until it is treated. It is also possible for a toothache to occur after a tooth injury. In either case, the problem can grow progressively worse until something is done about it, making prompt care beneficial.

Arranging Restorative Work For Your Aching Tooth

A toothache can be a warning that your tooth is suffering from an internal infection. If this is the case, a root canal treatment can put a stop to the problem. Root canal treatment will see your dentist carefully remove infected tissues before sealing your pulp (the tooth’s inner chamber). Once this is done, the tooth will need support from a permanent restoration. We can have a custom dental crown placed over it to protect it, and also to ensure that you can bite and chew comfortably.

Avoid Future Troubles With Regular Dental Checkups

While your dentist is here to help when you have a toothache, our practice is also able to provide regular preventive visits that can help you avoid situations that lead to discomfort. At every routine dental exam and cleaning, we provide a careful review that can lead to the detection of a cavity. If the cavity is still small, we may be able to restore it with a dental filling and avoid the need for a crown.

Talk To Your Southlake, TX Dentist About Your Toothache

At our Southlake, TX dentist’s office, patients who are bothered by a toothache can come to us for support and treatment. Our practice is prepared to offer restorative dental work at the appropriate times, but remember that your dentist is also here to help you prevent oral health issues! For more information, contact Wright Smiles in Southlake, TX at (817) 481-7999 to schedule an appointment.