Exams At An Early Age Help To Protect Your Child’s Smile

Your child’s smile can go through remarkable changes over time. In addition to the arrival of their first teeth (and their eventual replacement with their secondary or “adult” teeth), their oral structures will continually grow and change. How can you be sure that your child’s smile is developing normally, and also in good health? Your Southlake, TX dentist can help with this by providing important pediatric dental services. After their third birthday, we can begin to provide the kind of routine evaluations and teeth cleanings that adult patients receive. In addition to these services, we provide close reviews to make sure their development is normal, or to see if they might require additional support.

When Should I Start To Schedule Regular Exams And Cleanings For My Child?

Kids should start to attend regular pediatric dental exams after they turn three. At this point, we can begin to help them keep their growing smile safe from common problems like tooth decay. This is important, as cavities that affect a small child’s primary teeth can wind up affecting their adult teeth if care is not promptly provided. In addition to providing the preventive care that patients of all ages enjoy, kids can receive special instructions on proper brushing and flossing at home. We can also share information with them to help them understand the value of good oral health.

Early Exams Help Us Identify Developmental Problems With Your Child’s Smile

As kids grow up, you can understandably hope to see them develop a bright, healthy smile. Early exams can help with this, as we can take care to protect them against threats like tooth decay, and address any problems that do form through conservative treatment. In addition to offering restorative dental work when appropriate, we can identify developmental concerns that you should know about, and discuss treatment options. One common developmental issue concerns the alignment of teeth – with regular feedback from your dentist, you can determine if and when it might be appropriate to discuss orthodontic treatment.

We Can Also Help Encourage Kids To Practice Good Habits At Home!

Patients of all ages can have an easier time avoiding tooth decay and gum disease when they have good habits in place at home. During their checkups, your dentist can offer kids guidance on brushing and flossing so that they are less likely to experience troubles that have to be treated in the dentist’s office. While guidance from their dentist will be valuable, you should take time to help them with brushing and flossing, too, particularly when they first start to perform these tasks on their own.

Talk To Your Southlake, TX Dentist To Schedule An Exam For Your Child!

At your Southlake, TX dentist’s office, patients of all ages can look forward to important oral health care services. To make an appointment for yourself or your child, please call Wright Smiles in Southlake, TX at (817) 481-7999.