3 Reasons Why Water Is A Smile-Friendly Drink Choice

When you want to do a better job protecting your teeth, you may focus on spending more time brushing and flossing, or looking for ways to cut back on sugar. These changes can lead to positive results, so you are less likely to receive bad news about your oral health during your next dental exam. With that said, you can also find that by drinking more water, and choosing this beverage over other drink options, you can reduce your risk for problems with tooth decay! Water is a sugar-free drink option that helps you stay hydrated so your body can naturally protect itself against the threat posed by oral bacteria. Remember that your Southlake, TX dentist is ready to answer your questions if you ever feel as though your oral health habits could use improvement.

1. Sugary Drinks Can Increase Your Cavity Risk

If you walk into a typical restaurant, you can expect to find soft drinks on many of the occupied tables. It is sometimes hard for people to imagine having a meal without soda. Unfortunately, this increases their risk for tooth decay over time because these drinks are high in sugar, and because their acidity can make teeth naturally less resistant to decay. Of course, sodas are hardly the only sugary beverages on the market. Many sports drinks, energy drinks, and juices contain worrying amounts of sugar. When you replace these items with water, you can reduce your risk for trouble with cavities.

2. Beverages That Are Dark Or Rich In Color Can Stain Teeth

The wrong drink choices can affect more than just your dental health. Coffee, soft drinks, tea, red wine, and many juices can leave particles on your enamel that cause stains to form. If these stains become serious enough, you could be in need of a professional teeth whitening treatment to regain confidence in the way you look. Drinking water in place of these items can do more than just lower your interactions with products that cause stains – water can help wash away particles that might stick to your enamel.

3. Water Keeps You Hydrated, Which Helps Your Body Deal With Oral Bacteria

Did you know that your saliva is helping you fight cavities? This natural substance can wash away food debris and particles, and even neutralize those bacteria that might cause decay. If you consume more water during the day, your body will have an easier time producing saliva to take care of your smile.

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