Tips For Planning Smile-Friendly Family Meals

When should you take the time to think about the health of your smile in a typical day? Obviously, you should focus on your goal of preventing cavities and gum disease whenever you brush and floss. In order to do the best possible work taking care of your teeth, you should put time and effort into thoroughly cleaning all spaces of your teeth, and removing any bacteria buildup from your gum line. With that said, this is not the only time you should put thought into how you can protect yourself from problems like tooth decay. Your choices concerning meals and snacks also matter, because you may be putting yourself at risk for problems by consuming more sugar than is recommended. With better daily behaviors, you can expect to receive positive feedback from your Southlake, TX dentist during your next routine dental exam!

Look For Ways To Remove Sugar From The Dinner Table

Sugar can be difficult to avoid, but there are steps you can take if you want to cut back on how much you and your family members consume. Portion control can be an effective means of limiting problems. When you pass out dessert after dinner, limit how much everyone eats at a given time, and make sure everyone (particularly the kids) does a thorough job cleaning their teeth before bed. You can also make positive changes by swapping out soft drinks for beverages like water and milk. Water helps you remain hydrated, which in turn makes it easier for your body to fight oral bacteria and wash away food particles. Milk can provide calcium and vitamin D, which can help your body maintain strong teeth.

Your Snack Choices Can Also Impact Your Smile

Remember that meal times are not the only times you need to think about the impact of what your family eats. For kids’ lunches, try to avoid sugary snacks in favor of carrots, almonds, and other healthier treats. You can do your part to protect your smile by staying away from the vending machine at work, and bringing healthy snacks of your own.

We Can Provide Important Oral Health Support For Everyone In Your Family

Our practice is prepared to help everyone in your family keep their teeth in good health. We offer dedicated pediatric dental services, so we can give your kids support for their developing smiles. Remember that routine care is also important for you, as checkups make it less likely that you will develop a cavity and need restorative dental work.

Set Up Dental Care At Our Southlake, TX Dental Office

At our Southlake, TX dental practice, you can count on Dr. Wright, Dr. Heron, and everyone on staff to help you have a great experience when you come in for care. We provide important preventive services for patients of all ages, and we are ready to offer support through cosmetic and restorative procedures. If you would like to learn more, call our office today at (817) 481-7999.