Leaf Recycling and More Green Ideas

The holidays are a time for getting things and giving things, and they can also be a time for re-using and recycling, whether that is the fall leaves from your yard, or the Christmas tree that brought joy to your family in December, when you are ready to part with it as the new year arrives. Your trusted family dental staff reminds you that there are many ways to green up your footprint in Southlake, TX. We’ve compiled a few ideas.

Recycle the Leaves from Your Yard

Rake up a big pile and enjoy family time with children or grandchildren, jumping in among the fall colors. Then you can rake them up, bag them (you may use any type of bag), and bring them to the curb on Wednesday, Dec. 18th. Have them there by 7:00 am, and the City of Southlake recyclers will pick them up. You can relax knowing the leaves will be going to recycling, instead of into the landfill.

Give Your Cell Phone A New Life

Keep Southlake Beautiful accepts donations of cell phones, which are refurbished and donated to those in need. This might include donation to those who have fled abusive situations, families in shelters and others who would not have access to a cell phone without your help.

After The Holidays: Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Consider recycling your living Christmas tree when you are ready to part with it. You will need to remove all decorations, and the tree stand, and bring the tree to Bicentennial Park. The trees will find new uses as they turned into wood chips for mulch. Drop off dates are from December 13 – January 16. Mulch is available after Jan. 17, 2020, until it is all gone.

How May I Learn More About Recycling in Southlake?

The recycling programs are overseen by Southlake Parks and Recreation Department. Contact them by phone at (817) 748-8019 or by email at parksandrec@ci.southlake.tx.us.

We Care About Our Environment and Your Family’s Smiles

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