Finding A More Effective Solution For Dental Discoloration

If you find yourself feeling embarrassed by your smile because of discoloration, you should know that effective cosmetic dental treatments are available. While some people turn to store-bought products to take care of teeth stains, your Southlake, TX dental office can provide a more effective solution. For people who are affected by accumulated teeth stains, professional teeth whitening treatments offer an opportunity to make significant improvements. The potent whitening agents available from our practice can take care of deep stains, and also help brighten your tooth structure. If you have problems with intrinsic discoloration, another cosmetic procedure may be more beneficial for producing the results you want to see.

You May Need Something More Effective Than A Store-Bought Whitener

Products available when you visit your local grocery store or pharmacy may offer some benefits, but you may not feel fully confident in the changes to your smile. These products can help you with stains on the surface of your enamel, but they can fail to deliver the kind of noticeable improvements an expert teeth whitening can deliver. The treatment is performed in our office, and includes a custom whitening kit that you can take home to make sure that your teeth stay bright after your procedure.

Are Your Teeth Affected By Intrinsic Discoloration?

Intrinsic discoloration refers to discoloration that results from internal problems with teeth. Sometimes, discoloration of this kind can affect a single tooth after an injury. For others, it can be a side effect from a particular medication. If you have any issues with teeth that look dull or discolored, and stains are not responsible, we can discuss other cosmetic dental procedures. You can find that the placement of porcelain veneers is more effective at covering up your problem. Veneers offer additional benefits, as they can also restore the shape of worn teeth, hide damages, and even cover some alignment flaws.

We Can Help You Show Off Your Best Smile

Our practice is able to help people in and around Southlake, TX take great care of their teeth. In addition to providing cosmetic dental work, we can meet with you for regular dental exams to help maintain your improved smile. We can also make recommendations for better daily habits. By following these, you can have an easier time preserving the condition of your smile when you have had discoloration addressed.

Talk To Our Southlake, TX Dental Office About Your Issues With Discoloration

At our Southlake, TX dental practice, patients can count on expert support when they are bothered by dental discoloration. We can determine the right procedure for you based on the type of discoloration that affects you, and help you see great results. To learn more, call our office today at (817) 481-7999.