Dental Bonding Can Help Correct Misshapen Teeth

The shape of your teeth can affect the overall quality of your smile. Problems with the shape and size of certain teeth sometimes create problems for people that make them feel less than comfortable showing off their smile in photos, and in social environments. What can be done about this sort of issue? At our Southlake, TX dental office, we can offer major smile improvements through surprisingly minimal work on problem teeth. Through tooth bonding, we can carefully improve the shape, size, and even the color of a tooth that appears out of place with the rest of your smile. This approach to cosmetic dental work does not require the placement of a permanent restoration, and can often be completed in just a single appointment!

Misshapen Teeth Can Hurt The Quality Of Your Smile

If a tooth looks too large or small, if it appears jagged, or if it otherwise seems out of place, it can be hard for people to ignore. Effectively, a single tooth that stands out can be enough to impact your confidence in the way you look. While a misshapen tooth can be healthy, its look can understandably be a concern. Fortunately, cosmetic work includes treatments that can effectively make these teeth a better fir for a person’s smile.

Bonding Treatments Offer Big Improvements With Conservative Changes To Your Tooth Structure

Tooth bonding can lead to cosmetic improvements by fixing issues with wear and tear that make a tooth seem flat; evening out a jagged or uneven tooth; and by addressing discoloration. Instead of affixing a restoration to your tooth, your dentist will carefully apply the composite resin material used to create lifelike dental fillings. The process of covering the tooth will help with its shape and size, and the material can be tinted to provide the right color. The material bonds with your enamel to provide remarkably strong support, so you can confidently put pressure on the tooth when you bite and chew, and feel confident knowing that your smile improvements will last.

Want To Make Major Changes To Your Smile? We Can Help

At our practice, we can provide a range of different cosmetic dental services for patients with different concerns about their appearance. You can have an effective treatment for stubborn teeth stains that over the counter whitening products leave behind by scheduling professional whitening care. You can also discuss using porcelain veneers to improve the condition, shape, and size of teeth. Veneers are restorations custom-made to help with cosmetic flaws. Once put in place, they can transform a person’s smile even if they have several distracting issues with the way they look.

Our Southlake, TX Dental Office Offers Tooth Bonding Treatments That Deliver Great Improvements

At our Southlake, TX dental practice, you can count on quality care from Dr. Wright, Dr. Heron, and everyone at our office when you want to explore your cosmetic dental treatment options. To learn more, call our office today at (817) 481-7999.