Can A Cosmetic Procedure Make Your Smile Look Younger?

Are you starting to feel concerned about the effects of wear and tear on your smile? Do you feel like accumulating teeth stains are making you look older and less attractive? As a person ages, different issues can affect the quality of their smile, leading to a frustrating degree of self-doubt. At our Southlake, TX dental practice, we can talk to you about how the right cosmetic dental treatment can help you change the perceived age of your teeth, and boost your confidence in your smile. We provide multiple treatment options, and we can discuss your options for care in order to find the most effective and conservative strategy for making a noticeable improvement in the way you look!

Different Issues That Can Affect The Perceived Age Of Your Smile

The threats of gradual wear and tear and accumulating teeth stains are capable of changing the appearance of your smile, and hurt the confidence you have in the way you look. If your teeth start to appear worn down and misshapen, or if they appear dull, you can look older than you really are. Fortunately, revitalizing your smile with the right procedure can give you back more than just your confidence – it can have an exciting effect on your perceived age!

How Long Will It Take To Complete My Cosmetic Treatment?

You may be surprised at just how quickly you can see desirable results from cosmetic dental work. For tough teeth stains, we can recommend a GLO whitening procedure to remove stains in a one-hour procedure, followed by treatments you can perform at home to keep stains from becoming a future problem. You can also make positive changes by undergoing a dental bonding procedure. In as little as one appointment, your dentist can correct issues caused by enamel erosion and wear and tear, so that teeth look healthier, brighter, and more uniform. If you prefer, you also have the option of electing to have your teeth restored with porcelain veneers. Custom restorations are designed to produce stunning results for your appearance when placed on teeth. Their durable construction can ensure that your smile stays looking great for many years!

Keep Your Restored Smile In Good Health By Attending Regular Exams

How can you make sure your smile continues to look attractive after cosmetic dental work? When it comes to taking care of your teeth, persistent preventive care will be beneficial regardless of whether you have had a treatment performed. We can help you sustain your results when you see us for regular dental checkups.

Our Southlake, TX Dental Practice Can Help You Show Off Your Best Smile!

At our Southlake, TX dental practice, patients can count on quality care when they are interested in cosmetic dental work!  If you would like to learn more, you can call our office today at (817) 481-7999.