Month: December 2019

Cosmetic Care Can Give You A More Symmetrical Smile

There are different issues that can affect the symmetry of a person’s smile. Sometimes, a person’s appearance can be negatively impacted because of teeth that appear out of alignment, or because certain teeth seem to be the wrong shape or size. Others can lose confidence in the way they look because of a dental injury…. Read more »

3 Actions That Can Help Your Kids Protect Their Teeth

If you want to make sure your kids grow up with healthy, happy smiles, make sure you help them develop good habits at an early age. Once children take on the responsibility of cleaning their teeth on their own, you will have to count on them to effectively prevent plaque and tartar from gathering on… Read more »

Bundle Up (Or Maybe Not) And Learn to Camp

Texas weather can be fickle, but warm or cool, it is always nice to be outdoors. Dress for the weather, and spend some time outdoors! The Bob Jones Nature Center and Preserve invites you to learn more about camping in the state of Texas, so you will be ready when the wildflowers bloom, and the… Read more »

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Give You A Better Smile For 2020

Are you happy with the smile you are bringing into 2020? As we approach a new year (and new decade), people often reflect on positive changes they could make. With the right cosmetic dental procedure, you may be surprised at just how easy it is to start new year with a new, lovelier smile! Cosmetic… Read more »

Regular Exams Help You Stay Informed About Your Oral Health

Is it really possible that you can be mistaken about your smile being free of problems? After all, if an oral health issue was affecting you, shouldn’t you have some kind of discomfort? While a cavity can cause a person to experience dental pain and sensitivity over time, these feelings may take their time to… Read more »

End Your Year On A Magical Note

When people talk about the “magic of the season” they don’t always mean it literally. The City of Southlake is bringing some special post-Christmas magic to Southlake, TX when magician James Wand will amaze and delight at the Southlake Library. Not only will you and your children or grand children be able to enjoy the… Read more »

3 Things To Count On When You Schedule Cavity Treatment

Is there a time in your life where you might WANT to experience a cavity? Problems with tooth decay are certainly something you should avoid, but many people will wind up needing restorative dental work at least once. If you learn that you need to have a cavity taken care of, you should know that… Read more »

Finding A More Effective Solution For Dental Discoloration

If you find yourself feeling embarrassed by your smile because of discoloration, you should know that effective cosmetic dental treatments are available. While some people turn to store-bought products to take care of teeth stains, your Southlake, TX dental office can provide a more effective solution. For people who are affected by accumulated teeth stains,… Read more »

Tips For Planning Smile-Friendly Family Meals

When should you take the time to think about the health of your smile in a typical day? Obviously, you should focus on your goal of preventing cavities and gum disease whenever you brush and floss. In order to do the best possible work taking care of your teeth, you should put time and effort… Read more »

Can A Cosmetic Procedure Make Your Smile Look Younger?

Are you starting to feel concerned about the effects of wear and tear on your smile? Do you feel like accumulating teeth stains are making you look older and less attractive? As a person ages, different issues can affect the quality of their smile, leading to a frustrating degree of self-doubt. At our Southlake, TX… Read more »