Prevent Or End These Problems With Bruxism Care! 

There’s no question, of course, that bruxism disorder isn’t a good thing. You’ve got this figured out. However, as for the types of problems that may stem from this functional oral health problem, you may feel like your knowledge is somewhat cloudy (or non-existent) at the moment. Of course, with that said, you may also wonder if addressing bruxism is really that important or if it’s something you can just “live with.” In short, our Southlake, TX practice wants you to remember that bruxism treatment is absolutely essential because it will both prevent and end a myriad of additional concerns. As for what they are? Let’s get started!

Super Smile Sensitivity

Patients often wonder why their teeth feel so sensitive. While you may assume that this is the sort of shift that occurs only when you’re dealing with a cavity, infection, or some other hygiene-related concern, we remind you: Bruxism disorder can most certainly yield sensitivity that you find to be very uncomfortable. Here’s the story! You grind and grind (or clench and clench) and it annoys your dental nerves. Then, you end up with little cracks or with eroded tissue that exposes those nerves. This generates discomfort. In order to prevent this, choose bruxism treatment to protect your teeth!

Those Mysterious Headaches

Dealing with headaches that have already begun? We have heard this before! Remember that lots of pressure and motion that leads to excessive shock absorption and movement to your jaw joints (or TMJs) will generally lead to fatigue, inflammation, and soreness that will radiate. This pain can then manifest itself as headaches, shoulder pain, etc. When you select bruxism treatment, the mouthguard you wear absorbs the shock and stops the movement! Get started soon!

Trouble Eating

Remember that when you’re dealing with bruxism disorder, it can damage your teeth, often by grinding them down until the grooves that allow you to thoroughly and easily eat your food become flattened. Add to this the fact that you may be dealing with the aforementioned jaw joint issues and you can easily discover that eating your food becomes a chore instead of something that you easily sail through, like you do with a very healthy grin. The answer? Get your bruxism treatment going with us ASAP!

Treat Bruxism ASAP With Our Care

Make use of bruxism treatment with our team just as soon as you can, so you may end problems that have already begun or prevent damage that has not yet occurred. Simply set up a visit! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.