Do You Gag During Dental Care At Home?

When you’re practicing your dental care at home, which primarily includes your dental hygiene (broken down into brushing and flossing), how is it going? Are you gagging a good portion of the time or all of the time? When this reflex comes into the picture, it can make what is generally an otherwise quick, streamlined, effective part of your self care something that you feel anxious about and that’s not very comfortable to complete. Lovely news! Our Southlake, TX team is highly familiar with this issue and can most certainly help.

You Might Be Rushing

Patients who gag when they are taking care of their smiles at home often fail to realize that the primary problem is the fact that they are rushing. First, remember that if you’re rushing, you’re not spending enough time (two minutes) brushing or enough time to do a thorough flossing. In addition, you may be pressing too hard, which can lead to oral health damage. Finally, rushing may lead to aggressive motions, which can lead to gagging. You may even be tensing up your muscles. So relax. Slow down. This may solve your concern!

You Might Loathe Flavors, Textures, Etc.

Now, don’t overlook the fact that those individuals who are highly sensitive to taste, texture, and other sensory factors may not have a very good time brushing or flossing when something is off in this department. If you absolutely loathe cinnamon but that’s the flavor of your toothpaste, gagging may ensue. If the texture of your floss makes you cringe, then again, it may cause you to gag. We remind you that it may take a bit of trial and error but when you strive to align your dental care at home closely with your preferences, it can help you enjoy a relaxed, easy dental hygiene session time after time.

Your Brush May Be Way Too Large

Yes, of course, that brush with the massive head on it seems like it will offer you amazing protection against cavities with ease. After all, it has so many bristles! However, when you’re coming into contact with your throat or the back of your tongue to an excessive degree (perhaps because of your very large toothbrush, etc.), gagging is likely. Take a step back, take a look at the dental care items you’re using, and ask yourself if they fit your hand, your mouth, and your needs. If not, start fresh until you find something less invasive that will not set off your gag reflex!

Make Dental Hygiene Relaxing

Visit with us and have a conversation about your dental hygiene and any issues you’re having, during your next dental checkup and cleaning. Receive the clarity you’re looking for to enjoy quick improvement. Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.