Carnivores Versus Herbivores Event! 

Now, if you take just a moment to review some very important dinosaur details, you’ll remember that a carnivore is a meat eater, while an herbivore is a plant eater! It’s the sort of stuff that becomes very important, when you start imagining yourself in a world where dinosaurs roam the earth! Some might be after you, while others will be perfectly content with some delicious leaves. Ready to learn more (and to bring your family along) about one type of dino versus the other? The upcoming Carnivores vs. Herbivores event in our Southlake, TX community is sure to be a blast!

What Is This?

The Carnivores vs. Herbivores event is yet another fun experience offered by our local library that’s sure to provide some very interesting education through a fun approach! Bring the kiddos out, as this interactive exploration of meat eating dinosaurs and those friendlier dinos that prefer plants is a fun way to spend a late morning!

When Is It?

Join in on the dino-related fun on November 26th, 2019 from 11am to 12pm.

Where Is It?

The Southlake Public Library will be bringing the world of dinosaurs to you! Just show up at the following address:

1400 Main Street #130
Southlake, TX 76092

Who May Attend?

Dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages are invited!

May I Call The Library?

Absolutely! Just dial 817-748-8243.

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