When You’re Having Trouble Flossing

You might be someone who has always had a very easy time with the flossing that takes place as part of your dental hygiene but lately, things aren’t going so well. Then again, you may be someone who wonders how you have gone so long within your life without ever really feeling like you know how to floss, what to do to make things better, and how to enjoy this aspect of your oral health care! Regardless of how you’ve arrived at this point with your flossing, our Southlake, TX team is happy to let you know we can make things much better for a successful, nice experience!

When The Actual Process Of Flossing Is Difficult

Sometimes, the actual process of picking up floss, winding it around your fingers, and working your way through your smile can seem very difficult. Why might this prove challenging? Well, if you have never really known how to do it, then it’s been a long-standing problem for a long time. Or, if you’re dealing with discomfort due to oral health problems that you’re ignoring or that have not yet been diagnosed, it may feel bad to floss. You may also be dealing with changes like arthritis that cause you to need help with a new approach. Remember: All you need is answers, which you can receive during a dental checkup with us!

When You Can’t Seem To Find The Time

You may be having trouble following through on flossing as part of your daily dental hygiene simply because of time. Perhaps your schedule has changed! You used to have time but now you don’t. Here are two very helpful considerations that we bring up because they will let you see flossing in a new light:

  • Carve out time in the morning or evening that’s solely dedicated to flossing (this might mean getting up earlier or prepping for bed earlier, etc.)
  • Bring floss with you! Find just a minute or two at work, in the bathroom at school, etc., when you can floss just once a day!

When You’re Not Convinced It’s Important

If you’re not entirely convinced that you need to floss as part of dental hygiene, then you may have trouble finding the motivation to do it and to remain consistent. Again, this is something to bring to our attention. We know there are a lot of rumors out there and would like to remind you in person (with explanations), why flossing is essential (and how it helps you avoid damage).

Take Time To Learn About Flossing

Bring any concerns you have about dental hygiene or other areas of dental care to our attention, so we may infuse your situation with our professional knowledge! Take our advice for easy improvement! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.