Tooth Roots And How Dental Implants Work Wonders! 

Are you becoming more and more aware of the fact that you assume dental implants will work wonders for your smile after tooth loss because this what you have heard? However, have you also realized that you don’t really understand the full concept of replacing your tooth roots and the associated benefits? Since following through with plans to restore and complete your grin with implants is something that requires serious motivation, our Southlake, TX team would like to make that motivation very easy for you to muster up! Consider how implants help you so much!

Tooth Loss Means Missing Roots

First, let’s talk about what happens when you lose a tooth. You don’t lose part of your tooth. Instead, you lose the whole tooth. This includes not only the tissue that you brush and floss around and see when you smile. It’s the rest of your tissue, called your roots, that acts as an anchor and life center (and that lives within your gums and jawbone).

Missing Roots Mean Missing Jaw Stimulation

When you no longer have the roots of a tooth in place (because of tooth loss), something bad happens! Not only are you dealing with the esthetic dilemma and the functional dilemma of an open smile space. You are also going to lose stimulation that your roots create, when you chew and roots press into your jawbone. This stimulation is completely necessary for setting off a chain of events that will keep your jaw safe and healthy. Instead, without roots and the stimulation they offer, jaw tissue can start to break down, which can lead to losing more teeth, a shrinking lower jaw, etc. When you choose dental implants to replace roots, though, you give your jawbone back that necessary stimulation!

Replaced Roots Means Exceptional Stability

Of course, you have access to a wide variety of prosthetics at our practice, so you may replace your missing teeth. We remind you that when you choose to retain your prosthetic (or individual crowns) with dental implants rather than through traditional means, it provides you with absolutely exceptional stability!

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