The Truth Behind Very Common Cosmetic Treatment Myths! 

First, when you find yourself having a conversation about cosmetic treatments with a friend or family member, it’s all beautiful ideas, excitement, and anticipation about how your smile could look! However, then something happens: The myths begin! You might start talking about things that you have heard, the people you’re conversing with talk about things they have heard, and before you know it: You’re wondering, what’s true about the treatments out there that can help you enjoy a better looking smile and what’s just made up? We would love to address some extremely common myths, as we reveal the truth! Have more questions? Bring them to our Southlake, TX practice.

Teeth Whitening: No, Professional Care Doesn’t Limit Your Diet

You may have heard that the second you agree to teeth whitening and receive it, you’re going to have to limit your diet or else your teeth will become instantly stained! This is just a myth. Of course, during the first day or two, we may encourage you to avoid staining items. However, once that brief period is over, you’re free to indulge in anything you’d like. Will foods that led to discoloration before whitening still eventually cause staining? Of course. However, it won’t be an instantaneous thing.

Veneers: No, They Don’t Look Big And Artificial

You might think of celebrities you have seen on magazine covers, who have received porcelain veneers only to end up with big, obviously artificial looking teeth. As you have realized, it’s possible to end up with a smile that looks like this. However, it’s not possible when you’re seeking veneers from our practice. We practice cosmetic treatments like we practice all areas of dental care: With not only the safety and health of your smile in mind but also with the final esthetic results in mind. Veneers with us are lifelike and natural looking!

Dental Bonding: No, It Isn’t Obvious

You may hear that when you choose dental bonding, onlookers are going to be able to tell because the treated area will look flatly white, rather than like natural tissue. The good news is that this isn’t even close to the truth! Whether you rely on bonding for space-closing, to lengthen a tooth, to cover stains, fix chips, or anything else, it provides you with beautiful, natural-looking improvement and beauty!

Feel Wonderful About The Cosmetic Care You Choose

Bring the myths, stories, and questions you have about cosmetic dentistry to our attention, so we can help you straighten out what’s true and what is not. Move forward with the care that addresses your goals! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.