Smile Care Help: Things You Keep Saying You’ll Do Tomorrow

You know that when you have something on your mind that needs to happen, the best time to take care of it is today. However, tomorrow often provides you with such a lovely buffer. It lets you give yourself just the tiniest bit more time, relaxation, avoidance, etc.! You can say, “I’ll do it tomorrow” without feeling as though you’re procrastinating because it’s a matter of mere hours. That is, until you say tomorrow again the next day and the trend continues. Allow our Southlake, TX team to remind you about some smile care details you really should simply address immediately, so you don’t let essential oral health needs get away from you!

You’ll Start Flossing Tomorrow

You might think to yourself that you really, really promise you’ll start flossing tomorrow. However, this is one of those aspects of your smile care that you really shouldn’t put off, not even for a 24-hour period. Here’s why: Plaque is soft. It’s easy for you to remove with your toothbrush and floss. However, when you don’t remove it through dental hygiene for even 24 hours, it can become rock-hard. It becomes something called tartar. So, you really don’t want lots of this sitting on teeth and against gums for six months until your next cleaning, when we remove it. Instead, remove it daily with twice-daily brushing and your once-daily flossing!

You’ll Schedule A Checkup Tomorrow

This is an instance in which all will be just fine if you really do schedule your dental cleaning and checkup tomorrow … but tomorrow will probably not be the day that you follow through. Unfortunately, we see patients all the time who tell us that they didn’t realize how much time had passed. Don’t let “tomorrow” turn into a month, multiple months, or even years! Instead, call us right away, set up your visit, and you’ll be on track with your smile care again!

You’ll Call Us About A Problem Tomorrow

Dealing with tooth pain? A damaged tooth? Some other change or sensation? If so, this is definitely the type of thing that requires our immediate attention, not something you should wait on. Remember that symptoms are often hard for you to decode and that in many instances, they only show up once an issue has been developing for a while. To give yourself the best chance of avoiding any type of serious consequence, see us ASAP for a smile care visit.

Start Caring For Your Smile Today 

Make sure you set up any dental care you require just as soon as possible by giving our team a call today! Avoid procrastinating when it comes to your oral health and you will enjoy wonderful success! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.