Computer, Cell Phone, Tablet: Threatening Your Smile? 

You always think of your computer, your phone, and your tablet as something that’s good for your smile because it seems that these devices provide you with the ability to contact our Southlake, TX team, they provide you with access to dental information, to our website, and can even help you remember to show up for your visits! So, why might these technological devices be bad for your oral health in some way? As always, it’s all about how you use them, so let’s cover some important ground just to be sure you’re on the safe and narrow, rather than guiding yourself toward smile damage.

The Internet Gives You Artificial Ideas

Remember that if you spend a lot of time online, then you may be accessing information about dental care through search engines and research you discover online. This can backfire if you’re seeing retouched images (and you then assume you can have teeth whiter than is realistic, for instance) or you’re taking incorrect information on as fact. Avoid misinformation and oral health damage that can result by running questions by our team!

Serious Concentration: It Could Impact Bruxism

What are you like, when you’re sitting at the computer for hours at a time? Do you sit just right, making sure that your body is experiencing fantastic posture, that you’re not placing pressure on your jaw joints, and your mouth is nicely relaxed? Or, do you ever pull away from the screen only to notice your jaws and surrounding muscles feel very tight and your teeth feel tired?

If you’re someone with bruxism or with a tendency to clench your teeth during moments of serious concentration, then this may pose a threat to your oral health. If so, it’s always wise to pause for a 5- to 15-minute period of time here and there, so you can give your body time to relax.

Lets You Fall Asleep Before Brushing

Are you getting a little too comfortable on the sofa with your phone and a movie you’ve been watching? Binging a TV show in bed? Remember that it’s very easy to accidentally fall asleep before your dental hygiene session at night, if you’re zoning out with a screen in front of your face. Do yourself a big favor. If you’re planning on a nice evening watching session, research session, or otherwise on your phone, laptop, or tablet, brush and floss first, so you may doze off without worry about your oral health!

Save Your Smile With Our Mindful Advice!

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