Common Sayings: Applicable To Your Smile Or Not?

However you refer to them, common sayings, old adages, etc., you may find that they come flying out of your mouth at a shockingly frequent rate! However, what you may not really know for sure is if these wisdom-packed phrases actually apply to all aspects of your life. If you’re curious about the use of common sayings in terms of your oral health, then this is certainly something that our Southlake, TX team can help you with! Let’s work through some well-known axioms, as we consider what they might mean for your smile!

Everything In Moderation

If you are hoping to protect your oral health, then we want you to keep in mind that this saying isn’t always going to work out for you! Of course, when you’re talking about potential culprits that can cause problems only when you “overdo it,” such as consuming sugar, you can keep this saying around. However, when the possible issue is something like very hard food that can damage teeth, using OTC whitening that can harm your smile in one use, and more, then it won’t apply. Try treating smile choices on a case-by-case basis to determine whether it’s a smart plan or not. When in doubt, just ask for our help!

Prevention Is Better Than A Cure

It’s hard to come up with any scenario in which this isn’t true! When we’re talking about your oral health, you can feel absolutely certain that this is true. It’s why we are so serious about promoting preventive care through your brushing at home, your flossing, and the times you see us (every six months, just twice annually) for checkups and cleanings. Can we fix something with restorative care once it happens? Of course. However, it’s easier to avoid it in the first place!

The Sky’s The Limit

We find that there are so many instances in which patients feel worried that dental care cannot help them, either with their oral health or with the esthetic value of their smiles! We’re always happy to report that with this adage, it’s applicable. There’s nothing that the world of smile care cannot help you with. However, the only way to find out more in terms of how we can help you is by coming to our practice for more information. So, when you want or need something for your smile, simply set up a visit.

See Us For All Smile Needs

Remain aware of the fact that when you visit our dental care practice, you have access to a truly vast, comprehensive array of smile treatments that will allow you to attain your healthiest, most beautiful smile. Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.