Month: October 2019

Computer, Cell Phone, Tablet: Threatening Your Smile? 

You always think of your computer, your phone, and your tablet as something that’s good for your smile because it seems that these devices provide you with the ability to contact our Southlake, TX team, they provide you with access to dental information, to our website, and can even help you remember to show up… Read more »

The Truth Behind Very Common Cosmetic Treatment Myths! 

First, when you find yourself having a conversation about cosmetic treatments with a friend or family member, it’s all beautiful ideas, excitement, and anticipation about how your smile could look! However, then something happens: The myths begin! You might start talking about things that you have heard, the people you’re conversing with talk about things… Read more »

Embarrassing Smile Stuff You Shouldn’t Ignore 

Sometimes, smile stuff comes up. Things you’re worried about. Details that probably require our Southlake, TX team’s attention. However, you’re embarrassed about it, which leaves you feeling like you’re not sure about what to do. Come in to see us for a dental checkup, even though you feel very shy and hesitant about it? Or,… Read more »

4 Important Halloween Reminders For Your Mouth! 

There are lots of reminders that likely pop up in your thoughts throughout the day, every day. While they may apply to any number of areas of your life, when you come to our Southlake, TX team, you can expect (of course) reminders for your mouth! Since Halloween is almost here (and since it brings… Read more »

Hoot & Howl Fall Festival 2019

What’s more exciting than a library-hosted fall festival, you wonder? How about bringing the fun beyond the library walls, outdoors (where you can enjoy the arrival of autumn weather), at the Bob Jones Nature Center! Get ready for all of the lovely, cozy, fall goodness you enjoy from this season, as you celebrate in style… Read more »

Making Your Hopes A Reality For Your Future Smile

Everyone has hopes. Ideals. Dreams. When they’re related to what you visualize for the future of your smile, you can breathe a sigh of relief. If you were worried your journey was going to be fraught with struggle, confusion, uncertainty, or an uphill battle, think again: You’ve got us! Your friendly, Southlake, TX dental practice,… Read more »

Common Sayings: Applicable To Your Smile Or Not?

However you refer to them, common sayings, old adages, etc., you may find that they come flying out of your mouth at a shockingly frequent rate! However, what you may not really know for sure is if these wisdom-packed phrases actually apply to all aspects of your life. If you’re curious about the use of… Read more »

Smile Dreams: Did I Miss My Chance?

On the spectrum of possible smile dreams you might have for yourself, there exists a vast array of hopes! Unfortunately, patients often assume they’ve missed their chance completely, thereby feeling compelled to leave dreams behind and instead, to settle for a smile that’s damaged, just okay, or disappointing. Fortunately, our Southlake, TX team is happy… Read more »

3 Small Smile Investments With Huge Payoffs

You may think about dental care and immediately assume that enjoying amazing results, keeping your smile in good condition, and enjoying esthetic improvements along the way is all going to require some sort of massive investment, whether in terms of time, money, energy, etc. However, our Southlake, TX team is pleased to remind you that… Read more »

Howl-O-Ween: Three Dog Bakery! 

What’s cuter than your pup barking each and every time trick-or-treaters ring your doorbell on Halloween night? Oh, we’re guessing entering them into a costume contest (and parade) is probably a solid winner! If this sounds too adorable to you, then don’t miss the upcoming Howl-O-Ween event in our Southlake, TX community!